Friday, June 21, 2013

#30June Palooza : The party Has just started on #June21

The 30 June mass protests planned by opposition powers in Egypt against President Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood actually have started today with counter protests of religious right powers in Egypt  led by the Muslim brotherhood. The mass protest got two names as its names as it turned out : “Protecting the Revolution” and “ No for violence” protest !!
Yes the MB and Co. decided to mobilize their members from all over the country , from the government to declare their support. Among the parties and groups participating from the religious right : The Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party , Homeland Party, Al Wasat Party , Al Asala Party , Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya and its political arm Building and Development Party.
There are thousands Pro-Morsi supporters now at Raba’a Al Adawaya Mosque who as usual mobilized and came from governorates. The National TV transferred the Friday prayer and speech from there in direct support to the President and his party. The Friday speech was as usual a Pro-ruler one. It is not a big surprise but we are speaking about millions spent in hard difficult times. As usual bad Non Islamist TV channels “private channels like CBC” crew are being attacked while their attempt to cover the protest !! So much for no Violence !!
The chants are racist and offensive as usual. Here is a live updated storify report from the protests with reporters’ tweets and photos after the break.
Of course the whole protest wants to show that those bad protesters of upcoming 30 June 2013 are ugly secularists fighting Islam and Muslims.
Amazingly the MB media machine “especially the machine aimed to the West” and its allies from religious right claim that the opposition is using violence while they are the ambassadors of Peace. If this is true
Al Nour Party and its parent Salafist Calling Movement declared that they will not participate in this protest. The Salafist Calling movement is marketing itself whether inside or outside Egypt as the alternative to the Muslim brotherhood.
You must know that that Tawfik Okasha, Egypt’s Glenn Beck is organized a so-called surprise protest also today at 5 PM. The famous Mubarak/army loyalist is calling his viewers and supporters to show up at the ministry of defense as well Governorates HQs to start his Zero hour plan to get rid from the Muslim brotherhood.
The Mubarak/army/Shafik loyalists aka Felol are participating actively in the 30 June or at least this is what they say. Of course their participation is being used to discredit the protests and labeling it “Against the revolution”. This is why today’s protests are being called “Revolution Protection”
Some revolutionaries do not have a problem to have Felol with them in order to get rid the Muslim brotherhood. This view is represented publicly by none other than Mohamed El Barardei and Hamdeen Sabbahi. “We should be one hand to bring the Muslim brotherhood occupation to an end in Egypt” This is the motto of this view.
Needless to say anyone can tell that those Mubarak/army/Shafik loyalists got a complete different agendas and different goals opposite to what the revolution is calling for. It is not a big secret that those loyalists are praying that there will be huge clashes in order to force the army to intervene or even better to have a military coup on 30 June !! In other words they want to replace religious fascism with military fascism .
Anyhow if anyone dares and says those paragraphs above on Egyptian social media , he or she will be labeled as a secret MB cell. “I had my share”
The other revolutionaries , the true revolutionaries who are going to hit the street to 30 June to protest against all shapes of fascism and to achieve the true goals of 25 January revolution regardless of who is going with them.  Those revolutionaries are not optimistic though , they feel that some of them will be killed just for others who will use it in cheap way.
Nevertheless in the backstage there are talks with everybody and there could be concessions in the way this way still what I know personally two facts : What the MB has presented to so far to opposition forces is considered nothing and in the end of the day those opposition powers above them the National Salvation Front do not control the Street.
You must know that today is just the start of very long and hot week in Egypt.


  1. Zeinobia you wrote

    >The chants are racist and offensive as usual.

    Is by racist did you mean anti-Copts? if so the bad news for the morally and intellectually bankrupt el-ikhwangiyya and el-islamgiyya is that around 92% of today's Egyptians are the descendants of Copts yes Copts that converted to Islam plus today's Copts which means that those intellectually challenged ikhwangiyya share the same race with today's Copts! Which means that this is a case of self hate and no more

    Oh the Arabs? the importation of the imperialist Hijazi Arabs to Egypt was very limited!

    But I would say to el-ikhwangiyya if you think that you are really the descendants of Hijazi Arabs then move to Saudi Arabia and good riddance because احنا المصريين مش انتم and live among your masters the Hijazi Arabs

    Oh and remember that العرب جربans so are el-ikhwangiyya

  2. Zeinobia: did you hear the speech by el-irhabi I think his name is الشيخ عبود الزمرhe is inciting the stupid crowds to violence

    What a criminal

    If he would have said that in Europe or the US he will be in jail!

  3. Zeinobia: did you watch the little chat between Wa'el el-Abrashi and the irhabi Essam abd Maged where the so called Sheikh admits that he killed yes killed innocent people and here is where he tells it

    You know in the kafir west this guy would be in jail for a very long time

    But like I always say that if they killed Khaled Said and got away with it anything is possible

    What a despicable ibn sharmouta


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