Friday, July 5, 2013

#Egypt : The First Friday After #Morsi

This is the first Friday after the ousting of President Morsi. We woke up on Egyptian air forces’ air jets breaking the silence of Cairo and Giza’s skies with its thunder sound after a long and sad night of fighting in Sinai. Today lots of things are happening in Egypt and thus the Storify live blog is back. As usual after the break.
I will try to write something analytical later.


  1. so this is Baradeis inclusive dialougue???

  2. Hmmmm. Lots of throwback.

  3. and egyptian media dont show or say any
    this is a black day for egyptian journalism

  4. Zeinobia: did you watch the video of the irhabi with the big zebiba and then a woman who is dressed like a Ninja (this is what i call these women with this wahhabi garb where you cannot even see her eyes because she is wearing sun glasses) and both these morons and criminals were threatening el-i3lam el-fased and the Copts and the Shi3a and as usual the kuffar and el-3ilmaneyeen oh and the usual suspects el-sahayna with burning their homes

    How disgusting and what a bunch of cowards but I tell them if you do not like Egypt then move to the despicable wahhabi kingdom and remember Ihna el-masryeen mesh intum

    I cannot see how any one can have peace with these creeps

    PS: I just read that 23 homes of Copts were set on fire in Luxor! How despicable and may be indeed Egypt should be divided where all these nut cases reside in one part and I'm sure they will destroy it in no time and we kuffar and 3ilamniyeen and Shi3a and Sufis and liberal Muslims live and yeruhu fi dahya

  5. You say "The Grand Emam of Al Azhar addressed the Egyptians in a voice message urging them to stop killed each other. Unfortunately the Muslim brotherhood and its members as well supporters do not listen o Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib"

    But according to the figures 17 have been killed. 14r of these are MB members. Killed by liberals and the army who have imposed "democracy through a military coup. Can you not see how twisted and biased your comments are.

    1. MB members having weapons, Molotov cocktails and one aim: the aim of becoming a martyr... Isn't that what Morsi told his supporters? To fight until the end. And aren't the supporters willing to shed blood? In the name of Allah(swt) because they claim to have Allah(swt) on their side and on their side only..

      Not only now, but for the complete past year of Morsi's rule.

      Now where is the bias?

    2. Morsi clearly called on his supporter not to use violence so the bias is in your lies

    3. ministry of social affairs is seeking reversal of the clause in the constitution which ensured that NGO's could only be closed by court order and to take back the power the had under Mubarak to enable the ministry to arbitrarily with no legal oversight do that themselves. Of course this will allow them to shut down the MB. Doesnt sound like a very liberal or democratic move.

    4. Latifa: you wrote

      >Of course this will allow them to shut down the MB. Doesnt sound like a very liberal or democratic move.

      The last ones to hang on the coattails of democracy are el-ikhwangiyya because in-order to have a democracy you must first have secularism or 3ilmaniyya!

      So let me ask you would el-ikhwangiyya accept a woman or a Copt or a Shi3a to become the president of Egypt? The obvious answer is no which means that they reject democracy

      el-Ikhwan have no clue what democracy really means but when they realize that they need it they yell for help and plead: Democracy!

      Now do i think that they should be banned? The answer is no I do believe that the best way to get rid of them and of radical Islam is to defeat their likes not in fighting but in the market place of ideas and to restore to Islam what it is supposed to be: A real religion and it has nothing to do with politics

      Egypt belongs to us all liberal Muslims, Copts, Shi3a, Sufis women and el-kuffar wa el-3ilmanyeen and el-ikhwan

      Now do you get it?

  6. This el-ikhwangiyya think

    >But according to the figures 17 have been killed.

    And this is indeed sad

    > 14r of these are MB members.

    OK but where is your evidence? Or are you just bi-tifti? See provide us with evidence or shut up

    > Killed by liberals

    Where is your evidence that they were killed by "liberals" as bi el-daleel wa el-burhan

    Now do you see why your comments are ridiculous?

    >and the army who have imposed "democracy through a military coup.

    The last people to lecture about democracy are el-ikhwangiyya like you

    Ya ayuha al-3abqari el-kabeer democracy pre-supposes secularism right? then el-ikhwan cannot embrace democracy

    Let me give you an example can a woman or a Copt become the president of Egypt? If the answer is no then Egypt under el-ikhwan is not a democracy

    Now do you get it?

    >Can you not see how twisted and biased your comments are.

    No the poorly educated and therefore biased is you

    As I say the best medicine for el-ikhwan and their vile teachings is critical education and you are really an example of why Egypt has lagged behind

    1. based on comments in the press... no one is denying that it was MB kkilled in Giza, at the barrack and in upr egypt. Check your facts. Deaths are lamentable on all sides but at present they are the MB being attacked and Morsi and badie urging non violence. a sensible move on their part and insincere you may say but a reality in whatever case.

    2. You wrote

      >based on comments in the press...

      Can you give us links and remember that if you do not have the evidence then you do not claim that you know do you get it?

      >no one is denying that it was MB kkilled in Giza,

      My question is very clear where is the evidence is this asking for much?

      >at the barrack and in upr egypt. Check your facts.

      Let me tell you he who has a claim is the one that should provide the evidence to support such claim which means ya 3abqari it is you that should provide the evidence and all we kuffar and 3ilmanyeen can do is watch you making a fool of yourself

      Now do you get it?

      >Deaths are lamentable

      No one is debating such fact but I hope that el-ikhwangiyya realize that they should start to care about deaths inflicted on the non ikhwangiyya as in the case of the recent Shi3a killing or the atrocities inflicted on the Copts at Maspero and the hideous attack on the cathedral and the recent attacks in Luxor

      akhwanat masr was for sure a clear evidence that el-ikhwangiyya do not care about everyone in Egypt

      >on all sides but at present they are the MB being attacked

      Then prove it and why is it difficult to prove it you tell me

      > and Morsi and badie urging non violence.

      Morsi is a creep and where was he when those four Shi3a were killed and where was he during the attack on the Coptic Cathedral. He is a criminal

      As for Mohamed Badie what right does he have to run Egypt? and are you aware that that creep wanted to leave Egypt when he realized that things was not going his way?

      al-Murshad!! my rear end

      Badie is a creep

      >a sensible move on their part and insincere you may say but a reality in whatever case.

      Not in the least they are being nice because they have to. They are cowards and parasites and I will be the first one to buy them tickets and get them to move to the land of the wahhabis because ihna el-masriyeen mesh huma they do not care about Egypt

    3. Zeinobia: you want to watch a crime unfolding? and the victims for gods sake are children that were killed in cold blood in Sidi Gaber by the fascist ikhwangiyya and notice that skinny criminal with the beard and he is carrying al-Qa3ida flag! How disgusting and criminal

      So to get to heaven in the stupid world of these criminals you have to grow a beard but killing children is OK

      How can anyone live with these animals

      There is no way there can be a god who would allow such crime or accept his followers to commit such crime and no wonder Islam is being dragged down

      The only hint of humanity in this video is the woman who screamed in horror when the children were being thrown from the water tank and here is the video

      Where is the humanity? It is gone

  7. A most amazing rebuttal to:

    "Western rules of geopolitics do not apply to our "occidental orient". We do not follow rules, we create our own. Moreover, this is not an army of mercenaries such as the ones you cited, but a national army comprised of a son from every Egyptian family. Furthermore, our "crowds" were in the 20-30 million range; more than the entire populations you cited. Finally, refer to your declaration of independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." Not only has the Islamic terrorist Morsi government been "destructive of [our] ends", they have also directly threatened us and our peaceful existence. "We shall fight on the seas and oceans, We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our [land], whatever the cost may be, We shall fight on the beaches, We shall fight on the landing grounds, We shall fight in the fields and in the streets, We shall fight in the hills; We shall never surrender" (Churchill). We are indeed facing the same enemy the US has been violated by a dozen years ago this September. We are fighting for the sake of the peace and prosperity of the entire world as is and has always been our wont. And we will triumph over the forces of evil religious terrorism. Please exercise some unrestrained critical thought outside the box before you comfortably and arrogantly presume to understand a 7000 year old culture."


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