Saturday, July 6, 2013

#ElBaradei to be A PM of #Egypt {Updated : Not Yet a PM}

And Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has been appointed as the next Prime minister of Egypt.
I believe that he was appointed in order to prove to the world that this is not a coup against democracy. Already knowing ElBaradei and how he thinks I know that he will not accept this position except taking all the powers he wants.
More updates to come


And Al Nour Party spoiled the Party.Yes Now Egyptian interim presidency says now that ElBaradei has not been officially as PM !! Well it turned out that Al Nour party is rejecting ElBaradei and is even threatening to withdraw from the political scene in Egypt !!! They believe that ElBaradei does not want Islamic Sharia and supports the Secular state !!
Amazingly in this difficult of Egypt we need someone like ElBaradei who supports dialogue and inclusion.
I hate to break the news that Al Nour party has already lost its Islamist base with its support of the army's announcement to oust president Morsi.
Of course this is untrue because all the reporters as well Tamaroud activists have been informed that ElBaradei has been appointed as a PM personally by Presidency this evening !!
Despite all parties and political groups that attended the meeting with interim president welcomed the nomination of ElBaradei in fact I know as a fact Tamaroud and Strong Egypt Party led by Abu Fotouh asked for ElBaradei by name as a PM.
I do not know if I should to say this. But Al Nour Party and Salafist Calling will increase the gap and the polarization in Egypt.
We are waiting for what is going to happen tomorrow.
By the way the two main candidates other than ElBaradei : Farouk El Okda and former PM Kamal El Ganzoury. Yes El Ganzoury who was nominated by Al Nour.


  1. I don't understand at all what you mean by this post, Z. El Baradei used to be your first choice for President. Don't you like him anymore?

  2. Are these events likely to pave the way for someone from the Popular Current to aim for the presidency in the upcoming elections?

    If the NSF is serious about backing a single candidate, this appears to be one possbility as to how they would do it.

  3. he has already said he is against the arbitrary arrests but the military have assured him they are necessary and will stop as soon as thats ok then

  4. That is a mistake, and it is against what was announced earlier about choosing a technocrat. Someone with a strong economy and finance expertise would have been better.

    This is also going to be more polarizing, except if that is the intention. Elh.

    1. I see lots of politicians are coming out in support of Elbaradie, and Tamarud is threatening not to recognize any other choice. As I said above, this is a mistake. I hope I am wrong, but the time is really more appropriate for someone efficient, hard-working, who talks less, and work more, and has very limited connection to politics. The country need to heal somewhat, and keep whatever little support they currently have from those bearded Egyptians, who claim that Islam is only on their side.
      I, too, would love to see those people out of politics, but I am not running the country, and I will not be dealing with their thuggish behavior, and their terrorist threats.

  5. i am glad the army are being neutral and that the promise of a non-political technocrat has been kept. It would have been silly to appoint someone from the NSF and liberal opposition. That would indicate that the administration is taking sides and excluding the MB

  6. Typo: Kamal El Ganzoury, not Kamel El Ganzoury

  7. El Baradei only is a good choice, if everybody supports him. If not, a non-political technocrat would be better. You can not afford to lose more parts of the Egyptian people, since the MB-supporters are already against you.
    If he cannot get the support of all political parties in the next days, he should step down.

  8. So the cracks already appearing. A bunch of strange bedfellows at best. By my best estimate I would say the supporters of the coup are around 25% "liberal" "revolutionaries", 5% honest revolutionaries, 35% Mubarak supporters, 35% stony faced salafists. That is based on the presidential election and the other elections. In fact the overall public support for mubarak is probably around 30%. One of the biggest failings of the MB was to not recognise that. The did tacitly recognise it in that the knew those elements ran the state institutions but they never engaged with that section of the public who distasteful as their affiliations may be are still Egyptian voters

    The real revolutionaries will be pushed to the wall. I can see the real struggle now being over who allies best with the military and the Mubarak loyalists. Baradei would love to but actually it might be the salafists who do a better job of convincing the military of a form of Sadat/salafi alliance would allow an overt piety hiding a corrupt state.

    Already seeming like the MB were not so bad after all!!!

    1. Not only you want to see cracks. You love to see it burning.
      Your long time sympathies with those so called brothers will continue despite their ignorance, screwed up mentality, and thuggish behavior. And you are going to make up stupid numbers that tell you that all those millions are paid supports of the Mubarak regime. May be Mubarak support has risen from 2 to 30% right now, but that is only because Mursi have shown them that he can do nothing right. He can just lie, and promise, and lie again, and then come out threatening his people, and promise to fill the streets with blood if those bearded thugs don't continue to ruin this country.
      Please accept it, and go have some rest. The so called brotherhood is gone. That was the only good thing that Mursi did for Egypt.

  9. You better know who is backing the upbringing of Mr. El Baradei. It is not only Egypts priviledge to have these "spontaneous" popular uprisings backed with faceless NGOs. Thaksin in Thailand, Suu Kuy in Myanmar, Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia etc etc. all in exact same position with Mr. El Baradei. What all of these western money backed marionettes are doing or have done to their countries is exactly what is happening now in Egypt. Divide and conquer. Morsi failed to provide good enough constitution law for the international corporation and to the unspoken religion. In new constitution must be stated "freedom of religion", because unspoken religion has never told by name but it must have legal base in every country. People can always be fooled thinking that we have only 3 base religions in this part of the world. Another thing can not be watched through fingers is how the law is bind with UN. Whenever UN is changing it's rules, it must become followed law in each country. Just keep in mind that UN has depopulation agenda, if this agenda is allowed to become as rule of law without questioning it - we will get many unexpected things happening within years. El Baradei is the soft spoken peace loving man who must be watched very carefully, because he is only the well created proxy to get new things installed to Egypt.

  10. What Egypt needs is a strong leader, a Mubarak II.
    Do the Egyptians want to live in a Taliban state, the woman totally covered under a Burqa, beard man in fashion jeans with iPhone?

  11. Zeinobia: If you ask the salafits what is really el-ashri3a el-islamiyya you will not get a single answer because there really is no such thing and it is all in the eyes of the beholder

    I'm sure normal human beings would want to have nothing to do with chopping arms and stoning people and imposing this creepy jizya on non Muslims and declaring the likes of the Shi3a as kuffar or declaring holy wars and enslaving and raping the women of the perceived enemies (as the moron el-Shiekh el-Heweni once said) and no one is interested in owning slaves

    So much for el-shari3a

    But I will have no difficulty in seeing religious courts where el-shari3a is applied but I can assure you that in due time when the chopping of arms take place even salafists will be using secular courts

    The only way for Egypt to move forward is to separate religion or the sacred from politics or the profane until then Egyptians will be victims of religious fascism

    One final I feel sorry for who ever accept this job because Morsi left a mess behind economic and otherwise and he will have to pick up the mess

  12. With all due respect to those brave revolutionaries in Egypt, and Z. and those who comment here, I must say how depressing it is to observe events in Egypt since the ouster of Mubarak. International capital is pulling the strings and all too many Egyptians, however well intentioned, are falling into the counterrevolutionary trap. Being able to choose your master (particularly from a very narrow list of bourgeois approved in Washington) is not freedom. No revolution has occurred in Egypt, just a side show.

    elBaradei is their man! He has worked for Washington his whole life. his function for his masters is to make sure that nothing changes in Egypt and that it remains a neo-liberal colony of capital.

    If you will allow me to quote myself:

    When will these people realize that nothing is going to change, that they will move endlessly between one palliative and the next, offered by one guardian of the old order or the next, until and unless they seize power? No assembly has the right to govern save the people assembled. Tahrir is the legitimate authority in Egypt, they need to take control. Now!

    For a REAL revolutionary perspective, I hope Z. and visitors will read this essay I wrote at the beginning:

    And these two:

    Hats off to the brave people of Egypt--what an inspiration you have been. But, alas, inspiration is all it is until and unless you decide to govern yourselves. The government has to go, and the organs of civil administration under the direct control of the people's workshop and neighborhood assemblies. And that includes the army. It is just a bad joke to say that you have had a revolution when the SCAF appoints whomever they like to be your master.

  13. @ Dave Fryett - I enjoyed your first article and agreed on almost all of it.Your CNN headline written on Feb. 13, 2011: EGYPT IS FREE, MILITARY IN CHARGE." is just as apt today and will be for many tomorrows. The Egyptian army owns 1/3 of the economy - not difficult to bribe since one can see new pipelines, landgrabbing-artifactgrabbing-goldmining the offing as the Global Banksters enter the scene w/ many already there held up by legalities created by Mubarak.

    Morsi's army guy Sisi studied for a year at the US Army War College in PA - one of his advisors said he was "warm, introverted and “clearly very devout”. The Obama administration and their alliances which includes the media chanted his talking points, the elections must be fair, democratic, and inclusive. This was weird from the getgo as it involved a formidable amount of different interests, unclear goals, yet a big push for a revolution, no matter who gained power...

    The UN/NGO/LaborUnion/Optor-CANVAS/money-backed "revolution" having been planned since Condolezza Rice (if not from the Bill Clinton days) and handed over to Hillary Clinton. There's a 2008 UN Egypt Report which gives an idea of how they worked it which includes a section on "overpopulation".

    FYI: The Serbian Optor changed their name to CANVAS for obvious reasons. Check out what happened there and the other socalled "Color Revolutions" and you'll find the template. They're getting a college at a beach in Maldives probably built as a reward for toppling their leader. They all get rewarded - Obama even got his Nobel before he did any of this ugly stuff.

    Bottomline: I think this was a planned or manufactured "revolution from the beginning. A presidential bait and switch, Morsi the bait knowingly went in to do the dirtywork, i.e., put their people into places of power etc., then comes the switch aka ElBaradei as the Mr. Clean guy who will leave things as they are or do a couple of things to please the minorities. That's if one believes that ElBaradei has MB ties which I'm convinced he has...

  14. @Jolly, the point is that no coalition of parties can win over the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB are too strong which is why Morsi was the MB face...when one reads behind the curtains one sees a scam being played out in the media and the general print articles.

    ElBaradei belonged to the International Crisis Group (ICG) he resigned just prior to throwing his hat in the Egyptian political ring. They're UN/NATO Global Community Organizers aka Robber Barons changing the world into their own image aka mini-gods. It includes some of the biggest thieving banksters in the world and is funded by the same people (al Jazeera used to support them though did a quick check and don't find them included). A number are still there from their Serbian, Georgian..., "Color Revolution" days.

    Wiki says they're criqued for serving Western interests - couldn't disagree more - they see themselves as mini-gods who serve themselves (and share with their Eastern counterparts which would include the richest people on earth - the Muslim Brotherhood - people are inclined to forget that part - money can buy whatever you want - even a country) while at sprouting stuff about helping the poor, preventing war blah, blah... They have their own media, and their statistics from Human Rights Watch (HRW) is used by the general media. HRW is also funded George Soros...The ICG is heavily involved aka invested in what they call "Arab Spring"...


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