Sunday, July 7, 2013

#Egypt: Restoring Revolution Vs.The People's Legitimacy

Today is another round of protests and counter protests not only in Cairo but all over the country. Tamaroud movement is calling the people to protest and go to the streets against the Muslim brotherhood while the Muslim brotherhood are calling its supporters as well Morsi's supporters to protest in order to restore Morsi's presidency. The Tamaroud's protests are called "The People's Legitimacy" while The Morsi supporters call theirs "Restoring Revolution"
You must know that Ramadan will start on Wednesday.
Again a Storify live report will save the day for now.It will be updated accordingly


  1. Zeinobia: The Morsi supporters are going to war! They are spreading rumors that Obama gve them 48 hrs to re-take Tahrir and if the they succeed, Morsy would be reinstated. They call their opponents infidels, because they would never kill Muslims

  2. الله معاكم و يحفظكم من كل سوء و يخليكم و يحفظكم من كل سوء .. في الوقت الراهن لا املك والكثير مثلي سوى الدعاء .. اعانكم الله وهون عليكم وحقق سعيكم بانتصار تحبونه و تستحقونه


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