Monday, July 8, 2013

#Republican_Guards HQ : This Was the Start “Updated”

And we woke up on a massacre that took place in the republican guards. It seems that at dawn clashes erupted between Morsi supporters and army as well police. There are lots of conflicting reports. The the Muslim brotherhood and its supporters of attacking the Republican headquarters with army while the MB from their side is accusing the Egyptian army of attacking the peaceful sit in.
The street at Republican guards HQ sit in "Amina Ismail"
Egyptian army accuses
This is not good on all levels. This can be a start of something similar to what happened in Algeria.
There are videos , photos as well testimonies from both sides.
There are some facts thought :
According to the ministry of health not less than 42 were killed and at least 322 have been injured. At least there are no children killed in the clashes.
There are no children killed in the attack according to the ministry of health unlike what the Muslim brotherhood is saying and claiming. Unfortunately they are using photos from children that were killed in Syria as children killed in the clashes.
We know also is that the army blocked certain roads and at the same time there are reports that the army withdrew from Salah Salem area.
A Fact : There are people who are killed , those are people in the end of day and Egyptians.
Another Fact : Many Egyptians do not believe the Muslim brotherhood due to their constant lies even those revolutionaries who tasted the bitterness of SCAF rule. Many Egyptians believe that the MB supporters were planning for a sinister thing and that they were there to provoke the army. “Why would they have a sit in at a military facility !?”I heard of this today. 
Important fact : There were not Egyptian reporters in the sit in because the reporters were treated badly and attacked in the MB sits in , I know two Egyptian photographers who were attacked for no reason. The Egyptian channels are biased of course against the MB , it is a not a surprise. It is better to seek the truth yourself. The Egyptian TV channels consider it a “War on terrorism” and “War on radicalism” with silly logos and 24/7 patriotic songs and lots of lies and rumors inciting incredible hate. Already if it were up to me I would close all the TV channels in Egypt temporarily till things calm down.
 Logic Fact : We need clear/unbiased/honest investigation to stand the truth .. not only in this incident if we are seeking democratic progressive Egypt.
Sad Fact : Ramadan is after two days.
The last fact we should know and understand Egypt that we have known and wish for is no longer exists. Egypt has been spilt and there is huge gap now. Egypt needs someone to mend this gap as soon as possible and unit it again. I do not think anyone from the names in the scenes politicians or commanders or spiritual leaders can do this.
Now there are lots of reactions taking place right now. The Egyptian army will hold a press conference sooner to reveal all facts. The Muslim brotherhood is going to do the same.
In no time Mohamed Badie issued a statement on his official Facebook Page , here its English translation by Andeel.
  Although the bitterness we all suffer, we are prepared to accept the faithful initiatives that call for restoring legitimacy in full manner, a president, a constitution and a parliament.after that the president will mange a general discussion between all the national powers where all the matters of disapproval will have discussed in order to achieve a patriotic pardon in favor of the national best interest to save the Egyptian blood and to out from the dark tunnel which we were forced into by the military coup that brought the country nearly to the very e edge of doom.
Al Nour Party has announced that it will not cooperate with the interim president and is withdrawing from the political life in Egypt.
Mohamed ElBaradei said what I wanted and demanded an investigation.
 Egyptian Politician Amr Hamazawy demanded the same thing and condemned the attack on the protesters. Of course he is being attacked madly now.
The Interim Presidency has ordered an investigation.
The grand Emam of Al Azhar has ordered an investigation. He also demanded that the transitional period not to exceed 6 months.
Sheikh Ahmed El Tayeb also declared that he will go in to seclusion till the violence is over !! Amazingly Ramadan is two days away and it is the month of seclusion for committed Muslims !!
The army forces spokesperson will hold a press conference and he is going to show some videos
Now when it comes to the video , here is what the army showed on TV earlier this morning on Egyptian National TV.
And on the other hand this is from MB's RSSD.
There are more graphic videos surfacing.
The MB held a press conference that was actually a joke nevertheless what the reporters saw in the field hospital of Raba'a where the injured were transferred to was not a joke. In the end now reporters are asking themselves who opened the fire first. Already reporters knew that despite there were many peaceful protesters in the sit in , there were also armed protesters according to eye witnesses.
The MB has called the Egyptians to stand against the army. I hate to break the news but the Egyptians , the majority of the Egyptians are with the army.
By the way a side note the Congress is going to discuss what is happening in Egypt allegedly tody. 
Personally I believe both the Muslim brotherhood and Egyptian army have lost today in different ways. The Egyptian army has won the home front but lost the foreign front aka the West support while the Muslim brotherhood has lost the home front but won the foreign front. Amazingly this is what they want.
In the end two days and Egyptians will not think about anything except food and TV soap operas , the dead and injured will be nothing except numbers used in dirty political bargain in the backstage.


  1. so he gist of the biased egyptian media is. they deserved it and brought it on themselves. and they wanted it to use as propoganda. yet the guardian had a man their and reporrts. the one soldier killed was shot by his own men becase he objected to the massacre. there were no terrorists stoming the barracks are u really just going to peddle the army line. shame on u

  2. so he gist of the biased egyptian media is. they deserved it and brought it on themselves. and they wanted it to use as propoganda. yet the guardian had a man their and reporrts. the one soldier killed was shot by his own men becase he objected to the massacre. there were no terrorists stoming the barracks are u really just going to peddle the army line. shame on u


    Egypt’s army chief and coup leader El-Sissi trained at US Army War College

  4. BBC news reporters just been verifying at hospital 5 children 7 women killed many of those killed shot in the back. Shame on anyone who misrepresents this. Also our press applauded the military spokesman at the press conference. shame on the Egyptian Media and its selective myopia

    1. Well. Women are doctors, engineers, and presidents, and can be thugs, too. And I wouldn't shed a tear for those women thugs if they follow some bearded men threatening the Egyptian people with guns, knifes, and primative swords.
      On the other hand, the children, who are taken by these thugs to fight Egyptian soldiers, deserve my sympathies, but those thugs who brought them there are the ones to blame. Luckily, none of them died there despite those are claiming otherwise, and believing that daily lying is acceptable to achieve their heavenly goals.
      Now, I didn't see any of these bearded and non bearded thugs crying for those innocent children in Alexandria who were thrown from the top of the building by their so called brothers, the terrorists who are reared by these thuggish organizations and are now directing their hatred on their own citizens. To see these thugs using their knives and swords to slit these children's throats, as they do in Afghanistan, is something to remember and to consider every time you see one of these terrorists walking in our streets. Elh.

  5. "the majority of the Egyptians are with the army" shame on you for that statement. Only days ago you were reciting SCAF abuses. But now they are killing your political opponents you support them. Surely this is hypocrisy.

  6. Zeinobia- I'm betting you haven't seen this video of the Azhar sheikh Hassan al Shaf3y. He is Sheikh Ahmed al Tayeb's advisor. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. He gave his statement about his opinion on events today and the military's handling of the Morsi situation. None of the Egyptian channels except Al Jazeera Mubasher Masr are playing it.

  7. I have to disagree with your conclusions, for this time. First, it is not acceptable that the MB is armed. Second it is not acceptable that MB is using violence to defend themselves against a coup - regardless whether it is one or not. Third, MB did try to undermine democracy and to steal the revolution.

    My believe is that MB is thriving on exploiting the honest religious convictions of millions of Egyptians. Those were the ones who were indeed praying in peace, when (as before in Elarish) radical members of the MB opened fire on our army from within those praying ones. The MB in cold blood directed the response, which they knew that it would come, against the innocent, who are of course not so innocent when harboring such terrorists amongst themselves.

    Yes the West is upset, however, in the end they will never ever side with the MB, who still are terrorists at heart. I have no doubt that the army will finish the MB, but that will drive their radicals into horrible attacks, however, I see no escape from that, because one cannot reason with religious fanatics.

  8. How precious a pro military bastard to the end aren't you!?

  9. An incredibly sad conclusion to this post, yet so correct

  10. I really wonder was your covering for the current events the same as the ones during Mohammed Mahmoud, Magles elwazaraa and Magles Eldefaa?
    Did you also try to believe the military and use their videos?
    Did you say the same statement you have used in your above article:"Logic Fact : We need clear/unbiased/honest investigation to stand the truth .. not only in this incident if we are seeking democratic progressive Egypt. "
    هل تتذكرين حملة "عسكر كاذبون؟"
    Just wondering!!


  12. blah blah blah, army is right, blah blah blah, ikhwan is evil, blah blah blah.

    1. You are right, yousf. For the first time, you are saying the truth.

      The people are right, too. They know well when they are deceived. And that is why millions of them went out to say enough is enough.

      As for the Ikhwan being evil. I am glad you said it, not me. I awake up a few days ago after having a nightmare, a real bad one. It was full of something called Ikhwan. But then, they were gone, gone, gone.

      I am so happy. An Egypt without Ikhwan. That is a dream!


  13. Egypt: Damning evidence points to security forces’ failures

    "However, accounts collected from eyewitnesses contradict this version of events. Amnesty International has visited morgues, hospitals and sites of violence in Cairo and Alexandria to gather testimonies from injured protesters and relatives of victims. Its findings suggest the use of disproportionate force by the security forces, including intentional lethal force. Many of those killed and injured had been shot in the head and upper body with shotgun pellets and live ammunition"


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