Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-7& 8

Dear readers I am sorry for not posting the seventh episode yesterday as I was busy working covering the new cabinet.
Tonight we will have two episodes “7” and “8” as double bill. Those were the 298th night and 299th night from the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian night. Yes the show continued for years and you exceeded over 200 episodes.
To refresh you memory please check the 6th episode.

Here is the old player for those preferring it.


Episode “7”

The Queen Sultana gives a birth to a baby girl and she is scared from the cruel king Zanzibar. Her maid tells the king that she gave a birth to a baby boy and then decided with the Queen to disguised the baby princess as baby prince. They are praying God to save them and not to be exposed.
The king names the princess or rather the prince as Amar El Din.
The vizier’s wife gave birth to a boy baby whom he named Nagm El Din. Of course the vizier and the king do not know that the crown prince is actually a crown princess and thus they forgot their deal. On the 7th day following the birth of the princess that became a prince , the baby will be brought to the High temple. At the same time the high priest reveals that all the queens that he saved from the King’s madness are safe and alive an island that is 3 days away from the mainland.
Episode "8" Queen Sultana is raising her daughter as a son keeping her away from all eyes. She lets her daughter/son to play for one hour in the garden. Princess/Prince Amar El Din got a daily play date with the vizier's son Nagm El Din. Interestingly the son of Jinn King Prince Amar El Din. The little Jinn is interested in knowing humans more thus after lots begging his father king Bahrain he goes to the land and visits the Island of fire with Vizier Atlas. Again the young prince begs his vizier to let him play with the young humans in the royal garden aka Amar El Din and Nagm El Din. The Jinn prince plays with the other two kids without realizing that that the other Amar el Din is a girl and not a boy. Returning back to the sea world , Jinn Amar el Din reveals to his dad , the king that he likes human Amar El Din. On the other hand Queen Sultana is crying day and night over her big secret that her daughter "who believes that she is boy" is dying to know. The cruel king gets bored and it seems that Sultana will join the other queens in the Queens island.

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