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Fearing an Egyptian Waco

The time cover during then
In April 1993 , the World watched how a disaster was taking place in Waco, Taxes. After nearly 51 days siege the ATF agent and FB dispersed the sit in at compound in Mount Carmel held by Branch Davidians sect killing 76 people inside the compound including the infamous cult leader David Koresh and ..28 children in a big fire.
The ATF believed that federal firearms law had been preached and the sect members had already a stock of firearms in their compound. Still there were women and children killed in the siege.
Till this day this is a controversy about Waco siege and there has been a debate since then about how the ATF dispersed the siege despite everybody knew that David Koresh was crazy cult leader who deserved to be sent to some mental asylum.
Now in 2013 we got two sits in Cairo and Giza and I fear that they will have the same fate of Waco sit in especially knowing that our police is not trained to disperse sit-ins peacefully or even sits in that are that big in residence areas where children as well people who are ready to die for their cause. “Some of these people are also armed according to different news reports including a report from The famous Robert Fisk himself
I am not comparing the Davidians with the Muslim brotherhood supporters but I can not stop myself of drawing parallels between the sits in and the doomed end. Some Egyptians believe that we are going to have a Jonestown Massacre in Cairo and honestly I think that this is wrong comparison.
Yesterday the Egyptian cabinet ordered the ministry of interior to end the Pro-Morsi sit-ins in both Rabaa and Nahda square , of course in accordance with law and human rights.
Today the ministry of interior called the protesters in both sits in to leave quickly and to clear the sits in promising them a safe exist and full protection.
The ministry of interior in cooperation with the ministry of defense are inviting international media as well local media to see how the sits in will be dispersed. The ministry denied it later “Well of course , since when the MOI in Egypt is transparent”
The ministry of information also called the international media for a press conference tomorrow Friday.
Unfortunately considering the record of Egyptian security forces to disperse sit-ins and the fact that we got people ready for martyrdom in both sits in , I am not that optimistic. We are speaking a big sit in again with people ready to die including armed people and children with their mothers.
A sit in in the middle of a residence area. Neither our police nor our army is trained for this. The Tahrir sit-ins were not that complex. In fact in the past two areas, police and army used to disperse the Tahrir sit-ins when numbers were low. Already do you remember the massacre of Sudanese refugees' sit in
As I said before the Pro-Morsi sit-ins will end in disaster , real disaster if there not is some kind of divine
A child in Rabaa sit in "EPA"
intervention that saves the day. I fear that the blood that is going to be spelled will be used cheaply in negotiations where as there will be a huge crack in the Egyptian society that won’t mended easily. 
The perceived image for those two sit-ins in the mainstream media in Egypt is we are dealing with armed sits in where some protesters are being held against their own will as well fear to be arrested. Both sits in are facing accusations of killing and torturing locals and residents from the neighborhoods.
There are Egyptians “and they are not a minority” thanks to the media believe that tanks should cleanse both sit-ins.
Personally I prefer the government to leave the sit-ins like July 2011 sit in in Tahrir square or even the Hezbollah supporters’ sit-in “2006-2007” that continued for months in the heart of Beirut paralyzing it and forcing the closures of shops and restaurants.
 Already I feel that the MB leadership is praying for another massacre to have power in the negotiations.
Already I do not know if we are going to reach for a political resettlement that allows us for a true political reconciliation according to the law if we have blood in the streets once again or not.
If nothing happens today in Rabaa or Al Nahda sit in then tomorrow we will have a series of MB rallies. I think the security forces may do start its move tomorrow’s night or Saturday.
A trusted informed source once told a friend of mine that we should wait the 24th and 25th of Ramadan , today it is the 23th of Ramadan. According to citizens in Nasr City area, CSF vehicles are parked all over the sit in.
Some Egyptian journalists are reporting that the police is starting to build a siege around the sit in and that no new comers will be allowed to join the sit in. They also say that food or water will not be allowed in to the sit in.
All sources say that the current regime does not want the sit in to continue more than that. It has been 33 days since its start and if it continues more than that , it seems that it will be troubling.
Anyhow as a Muslim I believe the last 10 nights in Ramadan are blessed , I hope that believers pray to God to protect Egypt and what I fear for real does not happen and the sit-ins end peacefully without a single blood.

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  1. There is only one person to blame for what is happening in Egypt - Morsi.


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