Thursday, August 1, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-22&23

We are back in sleepless nights where we are waiting for disasters to happen and there is nothing to clam us better than the old Radio Arabian nights. Now tonight’s episodes are extremely interesting.
First you should refresh your memory with last nights’ episodes. I am sorry there were technical problems with the files but I fixed them.
Second here are tonight’s episodes

Episode 22 :

Episode 23 :


The dying dervish completes his sad story to prince Amar El Din and we found out that he is from the men who never laughed during the rest of his days.
Yes the dervish is the sad hero of the famous “The Man who Never Laughed During the Rest of His Days (588–591)”  from the original Arabian nights book. This story was being told to us as children as a lesson of how curiosity is bad. It turns out the tears road is named so after the sad men who all opened the forbidden doors that led to the all women island and its Mighty viper queen and her crown but because of their curiosity they opened the other forbidden door they returned again to where they came from. They would never return again to the Queen or the island , thus they would cry till they die.
Dervish Kashmir dies leaving his secret to Amar El Din who can not believe the fact that he knew how to get to the Mighty viper queen and her crown. He followed the same steps of all the crying men had followed before him. He opened the forbidden door to find an amazing garden and in the middle of it he stood to be picked up by huge bird. The huge bird threw him to the all women’s island where he was picked by the maids of the queen. He was groomed to be the Sultan and marry the Viper Queen , he would even wear her crown , the same crown he wanted to get.
Amar El Din was too close to his plan , he would get the crown and escaped but the viper queen knew who he was and she would not let him go.

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  1. Thank you. Both isodes are the same though :-)


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