Monday, August 12, 2013

#Sudan launches its #Nafeer But will anyone hear its call ?? "Updated"

Sudan is literality drowning. The floods and heavy rain hit East of Sudan drowning thousands of houses and cutting off villages from outside the world.
The damage reached to areas inside Khartoum like Ombada and Omdurman as well several areas in East Nile region. 
The official death toll announced by Sudanese are 36 dead , 60 villages and not less 10,000 houses have been destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of citizens are displaced. The Sudanese activists believe that the death toll can be more. I believe it is more already especially with the media blackout in the country thanks to El Bashir’s regime.
This is the worst wave of floods and heavy rains Sudan has witnessed from five years ago. There are more heavy rains expected this week too.
Here is a photo gallery with photos from Sudan showing the crisis they got. The aerial shots can show the size of the disaster they are facing now. 

Here is a video for a Sudanese lady from Ombada region in Khartoum recounting how she lost her two daughters in the floods.
Ombada : A lady lost two daughters in flood
Here is another short video earlier shot this month by mobile phone camera showing the floods in an area called El Marabee in Khartoum. 

The activists and social media users in Sudan launched online campaign to help the people there called “Nafeer” which means “Call” or “Mobilization” in Arabic. If it were not for this campaign , we would not know about what happen in Sudan.
Here is the English Facebook Page of the Campaign as well its Arabic Facebook Page, they are asking for help and I hope the world helps them because their government does not really care.Nafeer has already attracted not less than 1400 volunteers to joined it.
Here is a photo gallery showing a glimpse of how things are in Sudan.
On the other hand,the Sudanese president and government as well officials care less for the disaster. They are congratulating each other on the occasion of Eid ignoring the agony of the citizens who are having a very bad Eid. Yesterday I read that the officials in the country blamed the people for having poor houses !!
Here is a video testimony from one of the locals living in the East Nile in Arabic unfortunately.
Testimony from East Nile area
There is a crisis indeed in Sudan yet Sudanese regime refuses to recognize it as a crisis in order to receive help.
Activist and blogger Usamah Mohamed asked the UN office in Khartoum on twitter why the UN does not help the Sudanese people and the answer came that the Sudanese government should ask the help of the UN officially.
I believe that Egypt should help Sudan and it is not about money but rather aid whether medical aid or relief efforts. This is the least we can do to amend our relations the Sudanese regardless of their government.

Updated :

Nafeer’s activists need help and they are not asking for money as much as supplies from equipment, medical supplies , clothes. Here are the campaign’s numbers in several countries. Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

For those interested in helping the Sudanese in Egypt , you can contact Ms. Shimaa on twitter. Ms. Shimaa is the coordinator of Nafeer in Egypt. 

Update #2 : 

 The UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs issued a press statement today about floods in Sudan estimating the number of Sudanese affected by the floods by 150,000
Here is an initial estimation based on areas.
  •  Khartoum : 84,000 Citizens
  • River Nile : 16,000 Citizens 
  • West Kurdfan : 12,000 Citizens
  • El Gazira : 10,000 Citizens
  • North Darfur : 8,000 Citizens 
  • Blue Nile : 6,000 Citizens 
  • Red Sea : 4,000 Citizens 
  • South Darfur : 1,000 Citizen.
This is an initial report , I repeat it again just an initial report.

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  1. I feel sorry for those poor people who are exposed often to those massive floods. deadly floods occure everywhere, but in developed countries, central and local governments have found a way to reduce their deadly effects, and to help people affected when they occure. We hear of one or two who died, but not the hundreds and sometimes the thousands we see in similar African and Asian disasters.

    There is immediate need to help these people by all those who can, and I hope that those specialized in disaster relief in Egypt are able to help. Unfortunately, almost all of that here is located within the armed forces. Most those in local and central government, who are paid to plan and prepare, can't do much; they are never prepared and they just run in circles when disasters happen.

    Supplies, including food and clothing's are needed, but usually people send the wrong supplies that confuse and overwhelm those who are organizing relief. Money is best, as long as it doesn't go to those vultures who are often in the wings benefiting from people's misery. Elh.


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