Monday, September 2, 2013

The 50 members Committee : Who is Who

I am getting tired from these Who is Who posts I am doing over and over nowadays !! Here is the list and Who is Who of the 50 members committee that is assigned by the presidency to revise the amendments of constitution 2012.
The constitution amendments were presented to the presidency last week by the 10 members committee made of Constitutional law experts. The 50 members committee should represent the society through a specific quota announced last month by the presidency.

Here is the list of names:

  1. Kamal El Helbawy as a representative of Islamist current :The former leading member of the Muslim brotherhood is in the committee and this has to say something especially with what I hear from unconfirmed news from the backstage. El Helbawy who was one of the top figures of MB abroad and was from those responsible from spreading the teachings of the brotherhood internationally. He lived in London for decades.He resigned from the MB when the brotherhood announced that it would have a presidential candidate in 2012. It is worth to mention that his wife is still a member in the Sisterhood branch of the MB.
  2. Bassam El Zarqa as a representative of Islamist current: The co-founder of Al Nour Party , El Zarqa was a member in the Constituent assembly of 2012.He was also an advisor to Morsi during this presidency. Bassam El Zarqa is the only representative of the Salafists in the committee, and this is making the Salafists extremely angry. The Salafists are here to defend the articles they planned proudly in constitution 2012.
  3. Amr Moussa as a public figure : Amr Moussa is not only a public figure but he is the former leader of Conference party that is expected a role in the future. He is a member of the NSF. He was chosen as a member in the Constituent assembly in 2012 but later he left it.
  4. Diaa Rashwan as a representative of journalists :  The current head of journalists syndicate and head of Ahram Center for Strategic studies. The Upper Egyptian researcher in Islamist groups affairs got Nationalist Nasserite Leftist tendencies. He is also close to the army , at least this is what was shown in the past three years. He was an advocate of marshal laws during SCAF time. Rashwan and journalists syndicate are angry that the 10 members committee ignored their suggestions in the Constitutional amendments.
  5. Sameh Ashour as a representative of lawyers : The head of lawyers syndicate and the leader of Nasserite party. Well Ashour is not your typical revolutionary Nasserite as on January 27,2011 that ousting Mubarak was completely wrong. He is a member of the NSF by the way.
  6. Major General Mohamed Maged El Din as a representative of armed forces : The current head of military prosecution. I think the army avoid sending Major General Mamdouh Shahin. It does not make difference in my view because in the end Maged El Din or Shahin will represent what the army wants in the constitution and from what I know from the amendments the army related articles are not touched.
  7. Mahmoud Badr as a representative of Tamaroud movement : The well known co-founder of Tamaroud movement is a Nasserite.
  8. Mohamed Abdel Aziz as a representative of Tamaroud Movement : Another well known co-founder of Tamaroud movement is a Nasserite and a member of the popular Current.
  9. Ahmed Eid as a representative of The 30 June Front Youth Coalition : Another youth activist who is originally a member in the Constitution Party
  10. Amr Salah as a representative of the 30 June Front Youth : A revolutionary youth activist who is also a member in the Constitution party.
  11. Police General Ali Mohamed Abdel-Moula as a representative of ministry of interior.
  12. Mervat El-Talawy as a National council for women representative : The former minister and ambassador is well known to everybody. By the way she was among the co-founders of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.  I do not know if she is still a member or not.
  13. Mohamed Salmawy as a representative of writers in Egypt : The famous writer is the head of Egypt’s Union writers. He is also a member in the Free Egyptians Party. Despite he believes in liberal economy , I heard he got nationalist Nasserite tendencies.
  14. Khaled Youssef as a representative of artists in Egypt : The leftist Nasserite director and film writer is a member of the Egyptian Popular Current.
  15. Sayed Hegab as The high council of culture representative : The famous leftist/Nationalist Poet once compared El Sissy to Nasser. Amazingly in 2011 he described January 25 revolution as bigger than Nasser.He is a member of popular current.
  16. Mohamed Alba as a representative of artists in Egypt : The leftist artist is well known for his views against the military trials and SCAF.
  17. Mona El Zulfakr as a representative of human rights activists : The current member of the human rights council. Mrs. Zulfakr is a board member of several corporations, in fact she is the CEO of EFG-Hermes. The famous cooperate lawyer is not the typical human rights advocate of the revolution to be honest , she is not Mona Seif or Huba Morafey but she played an important role when it came to family and women’s laws before the revolution of 25 January.
  18. El Sayid El Badawy as a representative of liberals : The leader of Al Wafd Party represents liberals in Egypt in a big joke !! Everybody knows that El Badawy is more of a shadow party leader now who supports whoever rules !! The owner of a huge pharmaceutical company and Al Hayat TV network once said on TV that his party is not liberal. He is a member of the NSF.
  19. Mohamed Aboul Ghar as a representative of liberals : Dr. Aboul Ghar was one of the founders of the National association of change before the revolution. He is the leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party which is more of social democrat than typical liberals. He is from the co-founder of the 9 March movement for Universities indenpendence.
  20. Dr.Adel Galil Mostafa as a public figure : The University professor and political activist is a member in the National association of Change. He is also a co-founder of the 9 March movement for Universities indenpendence.
  21. Gaber Nassar as a public figure : The professor of Constitutional law and former vice dean of law school in Cairo university was elected as the head of Cairo university.
  22. Dr. Hoda El Sada as a public figure : Despite her name is not known publicly but Dr. Hoda El Sada is well known Egyptian and Arab feminist academic. I am amazed that I have not read about her before.
  23. Azza Al Ashamawy as a representative of the National council for Motherhood and Children : Dr. Azza is the head of the counter human trafficking unit in the council.
  24. Hussein Abdel Razek as a representative of leftists : Hussein Abdel Razek is the leader of Tagammou party. I am surprised for choosing him as representative for leftists now in Egypt when there are more active Leftist parties in Egypt like Socialist Popular Coalition Party. Just like Al Wafd Party , El Tagammou Party was a shadow opposition cartoonish party during Mubarak’s era especially in the last decade.
  25. Mohamed Sami as a representative of Nationalists : As if there is no representation of nationalists and Nasserites so we have got the leader of Karma Party as a member in the committee !! Karma Party “which is founded by Hamdeen Sabbahi” is a member of the NSF.
  26. Haggag Oddoul as a representative of Nubians : Haggag Oddoul , the famous Nubian writer and novelist is considered from the important advocates of Nubian lost rights in Egypt. Oddoul was among the names nominated by the Nubians themselves.I believe it is a good choice. He is a leftist. 
  27. Mosad Abu Fagr as a representative of Sinai : The outspoken Sinai activist , blogger and writer is well known Leftist yet he is a founding member of Constitution Party in Sinai last time I checked. Au Fagr used to be critic to the military state in the past, I do no know about now. Nevertheless I can not get over his conspiracy theories about the United States and Palestinians.
  28. Dr. Mohamed Ghonim as a public figure : Another respectful figure , Ghonim was among the founders of the National association of change that stood against Mubarak.He got some socialist tendencies. He is currently a member in the Popular Current
  29. Dr.Magdy Yaccoub as a public figure : Sir Magdy Yaccoub , the true humble Egyptian surgeon icon. He is a very respectable and modest man.
  30. Sheikh Shawky Allam as a representative of Al Azhar.
  31. Sheikh Abdullah Mabrouk Al Naggar as representative of Al Azhar.
  32. Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Salam as a representative of Al Azhar.
  33. Bishop Paula as a representative of Coptic Church : Many Christian activists as well Christians rejected his nomination. I need a separate post to explain it.
  34. Bishop Antonius Aziz Mina as a representative of Catholic Church.
  35. Dr. Safwat El Baiady as a representative of Evangelical Church.
  36. Hossam El-Massah  as a representative of the special needs people in Egypt.
  37. Ahmed Mohamadan as a representative of the Supreme Council for Universities.
  38. Talaat Abdel-Kawy as a representative of the NGOs in Egypt.
  39. Mostafa Badran as a representative of students in Egypt : Badran won the elections of Egypt’s students unions after a very tough competition against the Muslim brotherhood. As far as I know he is politically independent.
  40. Ahmed El-Wakil as chambers of commerce representative.
  41. Elhamy El-Zaiat as a chamber of tourism representative.
  42. Mamdouh Hamda as a representatives of cooperatives.
  43. Mohamed Abdel Kader as a representative of farmers.
  44. Ahmed Khairy as a representatives of farmers.
  45. Gebali El-Maraghi as a representative of labor : Gebali El Maraghi’s name as a Pro-Muarak labor unionist was mentioned in the battle of the camel case.
  46. Khairy Abdel Dayam as a representative of doctors : The head of doctors’ syndicate is not a Muslim brotherhood but he was backed by the brotherhood as far as I know.
  47. Saad El Din El Halali as a public figure : The Islamist scholar is known for his unorthodox controversial views. Choosing him made many conservatives angry.
  48. Dr. Amr El Shobaky as a public figure :The former MP and political sciences analyst and professor was a member of the Constituent assembly in 2012. He was accused of supporting the Muslim brotherhood then. Well now I think he is no longer supporting them.
  49. Abla Mohie El-Din as an industrial chambers representative : The Benha university professor works as an advisor in the ministry of industry and commerce.
  50. Osama Al Shawky as a representative for engineers.
In quick look , we got some how a domination for the Nasserites and Leftists and boy who can imagine that !! Of course there is huge overlapping between them because you can find Nasserite Leftist at the time “I know some socialists will be offended but it is true !!”. On the other hand you find you will find a Nasserite who rejects Leftism economy or Leftist who rejects military state. It is just crazy !!

Quick numbers :

  • We got 5 women.
  • We got 4 Christians.
  • We got 1 Conference Party members.
  • We got 3 Constitution party members. 
  • We got  5 Popular current members
  • We got at least 16 NSF members
  • We got at least 1 Egyptian Social Democratic Party member
  • We got 1 Salafist/ Al Nour party.
  • We got 2 Political Islamists
  • We got 5 Islamists in general “Including Al Azhar , El Helbawy and Basse Al Zaraqa”
  • We got 4 members at least who were members in the previous constituent assembly.
Despite some say that the women should have got a bigger quota , I believe it is not by number as much as the end product itself. Hoda Sada seems to be an excellent choice along with Azza Al Ashamawy.
There is a huge change and we have got a Sinai representative and Nubia representative but no West desert tribes representative as ethnic groups. Also it may be silly but I do not understand why we do not have a single representative for Muslim Shiites when we have representatives for the main three Churches in Egypt. Of course there is not single representative for the Egyptian Jews !! I know it is cheesy but hell I had enough of speaking about the new era of liberalism in Egypt after the departure of Muslim brotherhood.
Good luck for those guys , hopefully they will learn from the previous constituent assembly’s mistakes. Personally I believe this will not be the end.


  1. بتعملي مجهود رائع شكرا ليكي

  2. No representative of workers, independant Labor Unions.

    What a class contempt for Egyptian workers.

  3. You may get tired of making the lists, Zeinobia, but rest assured that some of us appreciate what you are doing!

  4. Thanks for the effort Z. But for you info, Elhelbawy hates MB more than sisi.

    by the way, when I read this:
    "I believe it is not by number as much as the end product itself"

    I laughed too much! because this is exactly what you refused in the 2012-committe!

  5. A few errors I noticed: Ahmad Mohammadin is mentioned twice, Abdel-gelil Mostafa is forgotten. The representative of students is Mohammed Badran Not Mostafa Badran, Gaber Nassar is not a former dean but former vice-dean.
    Thanks anyway.

  6. More errors: Amr El-Shobaky is not a professor of political sciences (he is not affiliated to any educational institution). Hoda El-Sadda is vice-president of the Egyptian Social Democratic party, so there are at least 2 members of that party.

  7. On the assessment side: I find it strange that the representatives of Christians are all clerics except for Sir Magdy Ya'quoub (who lives in Britain). Also, having so many leftists is not an excuse for having so few representatives of the economically deprived 80% of the society. There are two workers' unions representatives, but no teachers (more that 2 million teachers in Egypt) or other echelons from the poor.


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