Sunday, September 1, 2013

Free Stork Now !! It is not a #Spy duck !!

Of course this news made headlines around the globe  yesterday : Egyptian authorities in Qena governorate arrest a duck with a spying device !! 
Updated : The stork is going to be released tomorrow and it will return back to its home in Hungary.  
 Well it turns out that it is not a duck but rather a stork and it is not a spying device but rather a satellite tracking device. The poor stork is still in the custody of Egyptian authorities.
The sad , beautiful and detained stork
That bird , that stork got a profile online by the way and here is its track as well.
The Nature Conservation Egypt issued an important statement  about that spy stork in Arabic and English. Please spread it. 

I am afraid ignorance made us the joke of the word as usual and as expected. Unfortunately, the ministry of education as the ministries of agriculture and environmental affairs in Egypt have not explained to the people what the annual bird migration is or how Egypt is a hot zone for birds’ migration or even how researchers and universities from around the globe put tracking devices on the birds to follow them.


  1. Thanks for that sad story.
    I come from the region in Europe called Alsace.
    Almost every little town used to have a storks nest.
    The stork is our symbol of Alsace.
    I used to take care of an injured stork while in the Military in Algeria in the late fifties.
    Algeria of course is another sad story if you know what I mean.
    I'm in California since 1963.

  2. I am so sorry for the general opinion, but this is the living example of the human stupidity. Just hope they don't forget to soak and feed the stork.

    1. Feed the stork! hahahahah!

      last week, 38 political-prisoner died from sphyxia because a f**** police officer throw a teargas inside their prisoners truck.

    2. Do you know what is the different? A stork never will kill another stork because of faith, political or other reason. However the people...

  3. Egyptian scientist is quoted saying "There is a expecting mother in Hungary waiting to have her baby delivered upon release of the stork!"

  4. Zeinobia, Just to put you right on the nextdestination for the stork. It will now fly South to overwinter in a southern African country.
    They will all come back North following the Nile in March as they head back to Europe for the Summer.
    I have watched them fly through in spring before and there are so many in huge flocks that they take more than a day to pass over Luxor.

  5. Is the stork being taken back to Hungary? It won't fly back because it is on its winter migration and heading south. These migrating birds link us all together. The stork nests on a Hungarian chimney and feeds up along the Nile. Well done to the Egyptian Wildlife people for coming to its rescue. It will bring good fortune to Egypt I hope.

  6. Anyway...R.I.P the stork. Somebody shot and eat him in Nubia. :'(


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