Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear CBC Why Serious Face ? He did not speak about the Emperor For God Sake !!

I 'm the clown ..
Why did you stand up !?
Why did you get scared !?
I neither have a sword in my hand nor a horse below me !!
How Strange... 
                                                                                                                 Salah Jahin
I remember these words as soon as I heard that CBC TV network issued a statement last night regarding Bassem Youssef's controversial third season premiere that is causing controversy in Egypt. The Statement was read by Lamees El Hadidy. The CBC network apologizes for some of what was said in Bassem Youssef's show last Friday.

"CBC will continue to be supportive of the basics of national sentiment and popular will, and is keen on not using phrases and innuendos that may lead to mocking national sentiment or symbols of the Egyptian state," a CBC statement said.
On Twitter, the official CBC account also said that the board of directors also had reservations about some of the content on Friday's episode of El-Bernameg.
Amazingly how CBC thought that mocking Morsi in the past reason was freedom of expression when he was officially the head of the state and the commander in chief of the Egyptian armed forces. 
It is getting silly for real.

 The debate has not stopped and needless to say the TV hosts that were mocked and criticized in the show went mad  for real. Already not less 5 complaints against Bassem Youssef have been reported to the prosecutor general including a complaint by C List actress Ghada Abdel Razek and another complaint by El Sisi for presidency campaign.
Of course I can not ignore that State commissioners authority's recommendation to the administrative court last Thursday to retry Bassem Youssef for insulting the president as a symbol of Egypt.
In that episode Bassem Youssef's show , the world renowned satirist did not speak about the Naked emperor directly or mocked him. He only spoke about the Naked emperor's hypocrite entourage !!
The Egyptian people , the true people I saw in the streets in the past 24 hours were not offended nor angry as it is being shown in the media.
FYI the CEO of CBC and its owner Mohamed Al Amin attended the shooting of that episode and it seemed that he was okay with it. 
Journalists say that the commanders of the Egyptian army were angry from the episode and that's why Mohamed Al Amin got allegedly some angry calls in the morning forcing him to issue that statement.
Anyhow Col. Ahmed Ali , the official spokesperson of armed forces denied officially that El Sisi or any commander had spoken about Bassem's show in a pinned statement on his official Facebook page. The Colonel's groupies of course are cursing Bassem. The colonel was featured shortly in the show by the way in case you did not notice. Of course I still believe that we can find him as a guest in the show in the future.
 It is worth to mention that the Pro-Sisi supporters claimed that the general was more than welcoming to be mocked if it pleased the public according to some shady untrusted website in Canada !!
So now after gagging voices like Reem Magued "who got no TV show in the new season plan in ONTV for the first time" and even comic shows like Youssef's are not allowed because suddenly we discover that we should not laugh from the symbols of the State !!
The TV , radio and press all had this disgusting tune to shut any voice to speak about the emperor in a disgusting way. Now we are being lectured that we should not mock our national icons or dare to speak about army from near or far or its commanders. Now we are being lectured that we should not dare to speak from near or far in this time about El Sisi. I wonder what will happen if he is elected as a president !!
I thought that 30 June was to assert on the freedom of expression we got back on 25 January !! 
In the end I have nothing to end this post except by this clip from "Good luck and good night"


  1. " I thought that 30 June was to assert on the freedom of expression we got back on 25 January !! "...
    I fell back from laughing after I read this statment!
    30 June was to assert freedom of speech! This is pretty funny!

    30 June was a well planned coup, every single action after it was to remove all 25-jan accomplishments.

    And by the way, bassem will never talk about sisi! he knows his limits. He was *brave* on morsi because he know he will not hurt him.

  2. Egyptians are not ready for neither democracy nor for satirists

    It is about time that politicians in Egypt have to grow up and realize that if you want to be a politician then there is a price to be paid including that people will make fun of you like it or not

    I'm sure Morsi was horrified but he was no doubt a fool and I think that el-Sisi should also make it clear that satirists are free to say what they want to say and he will just look the other way

    Would this ever happen in Egypt? This is like democracy people can dream about it but they do not seem to want it. People also want to have freedom of speech but not realizing that this also means that satirists can say what they want


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