Sunday, October 6, 2013

From 40 Years ago

This post is dedicated to those men who against all odds astonished the whole world and changed the course of history once more.

I do not know how today will end but regardless of what happens, God bless this country and those heroes. May their sacrifices may not go in to vein.  


  1. Hate to say this but Egyptians lost the war in 1973.

    * Even in numbers there were way more Egyptian casualties than Israeli casualties.

    * Retrospectively also everything Israelis ever may have wanted from it became true: Todays Egyptian Armed Forces is more pro-Israel than ever. Egyptian economy is nowhere near gaining independence, and neither does it's civilian and military industry. Palestinians & Gaza is still under siege and Egyptian army only exacerbates the problem by working with Israelis to close off Gaza.

  2. Why are you surprised about the demonstrations of members of el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen? Their leaders made it loud and clear that: Masr sakan mesh watan this is why they do not like the Egyptian army and therefore Oct 6
    Rabaa? No they care less about the death of their own followers because if they did then they should have ended that stupidity of el-I3tisam at Rabaa

    I just wanted to make clear they are called el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen

  3. I would celebrate peace rather than war. War is death' suffering, destruction, for so many people.

    Anwar el-Sadat was braver doing peace, than doing war. The proof is simple, he was killed for doing peace.


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