Sunday, November 24, 2013

#AblaFahita ; The dangerous Puppet Spy !!

The level of Public Nationalism Paranoia in Egypt has reached to a scary level especially now it is being adopted by the mainstream media. Now our media is repeating claims that U.S President Barack Obama is a member of the mighty international Muslim Brotherhood organization and that the international MB is actually running the world. “But failed to sustain a rule in Egypt more one year amazingly !!”
Of course this paranoia is rooted online in social media in the Anti-25 January revolution Facebook pages that adopt the conspiracy theory forever , you know the revolution was a cosmic conspiracy and we had a great life during Mubarak rule and so on.
So now after the fifth column lists craze , we got the latest Mossad and CIA spy in Egypt : Abla Fahita , the famous YouTube Puppet.
It started with the Pro-Mubarak Anti-Freemason/Anti-Revolution/Anti-MB/Anti-Sisi Conspiracy theorist and financial analyst Sameh Abu Arayes who analyzes and predicts disasters and terrorist attacks according to the TV ads.
He is the father of the infamous Closed Conspiracy theory Facebook Page Subliminal Message. Now Abu Arayes saw the Dolce Ice Cream ad starting Abla Fahita and her daughter Caroline and predicted that the sinister puppets were speaking about terrorist attacks because Abla Fahita was speaking on how the new Dolce Ice Cream tasted like bomb !!
Here is the funny ad which is the best in the campaign if you ask my opinion.
Doleca New Bomba Ice-Cream starring Abla Fahita
Next Day an attack took place in Sinai and you know Abu Arayes went on fire since then , the puppets are agents !! 
Now you got this enlightened report in an Egyptian news website called  Misr 30 June wondering if the puppet was actually a member of the Mossad or the CIA sent with encrypted messages to the Israeli intelligence in the Egyptian society in order to create chaos. The site is using the comic tweets of Abla Fahita as an evidence on its ambiguity !!
Now the Abla Fahita official Facebook began to receive FB Messages warning its admin of the end !!

“Abla Fahita , you and CarCora {Nickname of her daughter Caroline} are going to attend soon the farewell. Be ready with your red dress !!”
Now Speaking seriously it has become a usual scene to see guests on TV channels that used to chant about the great revolution speaking about it as a conspiracy to bring down Egyptian police and army where the MB killed the protesters in January 2011.
I take this seriously because this is how you forge history , a history that you and I have lived. I take this seriously because it is extremely dangerous and honestly I fear one day a revolutionary activist could be assassinated by some angry citizen who believes that this activist were a spy !!
Terrorism does not only happen because you got religious fanatics but it can happen because of you got radical nationalists as well ignorant zealots.


  1. How is the butane/fuel shortage affecting belief in the conspiracy theories promoted both by el-Sisi supporters and Mubarak supporters? Economic catastrophe is looming again due to the current government's policies. Surely the credulous belief in the spin doctors is starting to wear thin.

  2. In operating highly complicated systems (e.g. airplanes) it is highly recommended to ask questions , in training to operate such systems they call it "Questioning Attitude" .Unfortunately in politics, politicians and the media they label it as " Conspiracy Theorists" ridiculing the public of asking questions. Check the MB history, the Hamas history, and ask questions where did they come from? who benefits of their actions ?. !!!. Same story applied to killing JFK , whenever people questioned who is/are behind this assassination they were made fun of. Now, after fifty years, they started to question the role of the CIA and LBJ !!!.
    I hope young Egyptians maintain asking questions and disputing motives behind who is leading them. Bless you "the internet" ...!!

  3. This already happened when Mohammed Mohsen was murdered in Abbaseya in August 2011 if I remember correctly. By citizens who were protecting the army.

  4. The funny thing about all this 'spying' business is that Israel doesn't need secret spies in Egypt. It just asks the Egyptian military and it tells them whatever they want to know. That's what the 'security coordination' that AIPAC and such are using to defend the coup before the Senate means. Idiotic puppet routines are hardly needed.

    1. MB and/or Hamas has better coordination with Israel than the military. This goes back to long time ago, for example the Lavon affair explosions in US & British centres in Cairo in 1954, Israel did it, and propagated that the MB did it, the MBs were very happy to take credit for it !!!. Same applied to Hamas taking credits for attacks on Arafat's team.

    2. If you seriously think Hamas is working with the Israelis I'm not even sure what to say to you other than get a clue and read something besides Egyptian state-run media. Which I guess is all of it nowadays.

      The pro-Israel organizations like AIPAC are very publicly supporting the coup because Sisi has increased military coordination with Israel, tightened the siege of Gaza and is fighting Israel's real enemies like Hamas. The close ties between Sisi and Israel are not secrets here, AIPAC is announcing them loudly as reasons for the US to support Sisi despite a bad human rights record.

      Pro-Palestinian groups and Palestinians here in particular hate Sisi with a bloody passion since he is doing the same things and using the same language as the Israelis. We have been arguing against the siege of Gaza for too long to accept it simply because a blood-stained tin-pot dictator from the Arab world starts advocating the Israeli position. However, it doesn't help our side when the Arab governments treat the Palestinians worse than the Israelis and adopt the same rhetoric of people like Bush and Sharon about a war on terror. Egyptians are regarded as traitors, barely Arab, as bad as 1979 except they can't blame it on an unpopular dictator. Even my Jordanian professor summarized the last few months by telling the whole class that Egyptians are just d@mn idiots. This coup is deeply, deeply unpopular here among Arabs in the West and the pro-Palestinian movement.

    3. You seems too young to comprehend the famous British philosophy , espoused deeply by Israelis, called 'divide and conquer' , Britain created MBs in 1929 to play the game with the Egyptian monarchy , of course during that time, MBs kept throwing insults on Britain & the King. Hamas did that, with Israel and Arafat. As long as this concept in effect, Egypt, and the Arab world to follow, maintain being backward. Of course Israel maintain relatively calm with those rich Arab Emirates since their population are too small , they are rich and not seriously educated, then they are safe.

  5. :) David Walker you got it Israel doesn't need any exertion to spy on egypt.
    Egyptian military make the duty.


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