Sunday, November 17, 2013

#MohamedMahmoud : Whitewashing our own Egyptian Karbala

And in some sad irony that is rather closer to a farce the Egyptian government decided officially commemorate the martyrs of Mohamed Mahmoud 2011 clashes .. and the martyrs of army and police as well.
The government already gave orders to some company called El Abed from 5 days ago to build some memorial to commemorate the martyrs of the 25 January and 30 June revolution martyrs and the construction only started on Saturday. The memorial which is built from a very bad material looks indeed like the famous Yellow Submarine !!
The memorial now
Some tent where the government and the police can receive condolences for the martyrs, oh yes some cruel irony !! The cruel irony does not stop here.
The police issued a statement to commemorate the martyrs saying that it respected reviving the memory of all martyrs for their role in the process of national work including those whose blood soaked the tree of national struggle !! This is unbelievable !!
The government or rather the deep state is rather trying to white wash what had done there.
And as our people in Upper Egypt say “We do not accept condolences in our men who are killed except after retribution”  and indeed one of Egypt’s main problems now is retribution aka justice. Simple justice !! Since 25 January 2011 no policeman accused of killing or injuring the protesters was found guilty except may be one : El Shennawy , the eye hunter of Mohamed Mahmoud street who is serving three years only !! Oh yes three years only !!
A pro Military poster !!
This is a farce indeed. The right commemoration of Mohamed Mahmoud clashes is through justice , true justice .. anything else is just a farce.
That farce was expected as there were introductory signs paving for it.
Already all the Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Military TV hosts and channels were calling the Pro-army supporters to go to Tahrir square in order to protest against terrorism and to commemorate the martyrs of the army , police and revolutionary activists on the 19th November. Al Ahram newspaper warned last Friday from some cosmic conspiracy against police and army on that day !!

I forget to say that the 19th is also General El Sisi’s birthday too !! Cairo will host too the Ghana vs. Egypt and the Constitution 50 committee will finish voting on the constitution !! Man it is a cosmic conspiracy indeed !!
To avoid clashes with the Muslim brotherhood and the Pro-Military, some revolutionary groups, parties and youth decided to commemorate the event a day earlier on the 18 November 2013. The decision was 5 PM there will be a rally heading from Mohamed Mahmoud to Jaber Salah aka Jika’s home at Abdeen. The event planners made it clear that the Muslim brotherhood and the Pro-Military supporters are not welcome
Revolutionary poster
supported by the families of the martyrs. And so tomorrow at
Other groups decided to go on 19 November 2013 giving no damn to the Muslim brotherhood and those Pro-Military supporters. Among those groups April 6 Youth movement. One of them told me that they would not let the MB or the Pro-military control the street anymore.
By the way some decided to the street both days.
Initially announcing that they will protest in Mohamed Mahmoud street, the Muslim brotherhood and its Islamist allies decided not to go to Mohamed Mahmoud street and decided to commemorate it in other squares. Anyhow pathetic Muslim brotherhood is now trying to white wash itself from what happened in Mohamed Mahmoud claiming that what happened there was an attempt to turn the revolutionary forces against each other.
Unfortunately it happened in digital time where visual and audio archives are there including their own archives.
Yes the leaderships of the MB and Islamists were attacking the protesters but I cannot forget that some MB youth defied the orders of the guidance office and went to Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in 2011 like for instance late Asmaa El Beltagy. The Salafist Youth were dragged to the clashes thanks to Hazem Salah Abu Ismail , of course the Sheikh escaped and left them in front of the monster to face death. It was the start of the Hazemoon movement there.
I can not ignore this.
Honestly I feel that the police , army and government fear Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary and what may happen then. They do not want anyone to touch Tahrir square , they will let the revolutionaries have Mohamed Mahmoud square but not the square. Some say that the state fears that the MB supporters would control the revolution square in Egypt while others say that the State is sending a message that it gained a control on the square that drank the blood of hundreds of protesters and injured in the past 3 years.
Well I always believe it was a mistake to limit the revolution in a square and it turned out that the wicked deep state believes that the revolution was something born and would die in Tahrir square. I fear the revolution process is much complicated than that. Fools do not learn from their mistakes as well the arrogant and the evil.
It did not stop at shifting the blame to the Muslim brotherhood that stood and incited against those thugs who tried to stop the progress of democracy and elections but actually the Old Pro-Mubarak media began to market that actually the MB killed the protesters at Mohamed Mahmoud street !! Despite hundreds of photos and videos incriminating the Egyptian security forces and showing them firing their guns against protesters.
I did not forget what the MB politicians and opportunists did back then , I did not forget either what the media , honorable citizens , SCAF and Police used to said and do !! Yes what they did !!
Tomorrow insh Allah I will blog the big day. By the way some fear that people may get killed once again in the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud , to be honest I won’t be surprised but unfortunately as murder and death have become a justified routine in Egypt it won’t make a difference with the majority of the people in Egypt that do not give a damn anymore.
I have not forgotten yet Mohamed Mahmoud.
Have we forgotten Mohamed Mahmoud ?


  1. If all people bluffing about mohamed mahmoud were REALLY in mohamed mahmoud; we would have mubarak executed and deep state totally destroyed.

    #1: Face the truth! You blame sheik hazem for inciting the actions and blame MB for not joining! did you notice that you blame who participated and blamed who didn't participate?!

    #2: What is the difference between battle-of-camel, mohamed mahmoud, magles elwozara, 3abassya, ...

  2. In the last few days I've been told that the police never killed any protestors in Mohammed Mahmoud; it was all MB supporters. I cannot tell you how this saddens me. It is absolutely mind boggling that so many intelligent people have such bias and amnesia.

  3. We all cannot forget, Z., and won't forget. Three years, and all is deeply embedded in the brain. Pictures there that can never be removed, no matter what they try. They don't understand the pain that came with these pictures, something that does not vanish just because they play charade. The loss of those killed is devastating the families to this day. No silly games can alter that. Justice is needed, nothing else can do the trick.

    Let's pray that the anniversary will not see more innocent Egyptian blood spilled in the streets. It is time to wake up and put an end to that once and for all.

  4. MB supporter already controlled the Tahrir square thanks to all of you.
    Days later you will invoke the army and the police to evacuate the square!!!!!!!!
    That happened before !!!!!! can.t you see that !!!!!
    You neglected what i posted to you yesterday deliberately Zee
    I've seen alot of wreckage last three years but that was newwwwwwwwwww Zee


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