Sunday, November 17, 2013

It is official.. Bassem Youssef ends his contract with #CBC

It is official now Bassem Youssef and his show’s producing company QSoft announced that they ended their contract with CBC TV network. QSoft issued an official statement regarding this matter.

Here is a summary for the statement in English

The company was patient and silent towards the unfair campaign launched by CBC Network against the show , its host and our company in order to press them and to put restriction on the content. The campaign started with the CBC statement on 26/10/2013 denying its relation with the episode aired on 25/10/2013. And on 1/11/2013 CBC’s administration did not air the next episode after receiving it in unprecedented move in media. After that CBC issued a shameful statement defaming the company with fake accusations and reasons.

The decision to suspend the show already reflected a negative image to the world about democracy and freedom of expression in Egypt after the revolution of 30 June especially after how the Western media expressed its concern about the aggression against freedoms in Egypt.

QSoft will sue CBC as it seems.

You know that Youssef was suspended indefinitely after the second season premiere because the world famous satirist dared and mocked the growing El Sisi cult !! 

Good for Bassem , I hope that if he reads those lines to think about returning back to YouTube instead of those TV channels that are taking orders whether from State security or from the Morale Department.

P.S I heard rumors that Bassem and QSoft have got an offer from MBC Misr.

This Tuesday , oh yes the big November 19 , 2013 the state security prosecution will start to investigate the complaints against Youssef accusing him of insulting the armed forces. It won’t investigate him yet.


  1. "freedom of expression in Egypt after the revolution of 30 June", and the audience burst in laugh!

  2. What you were waiting from a military cop mr bassem?

  3. June 30, 2013 is not a revolution, it is a military coup!
    You were deceived and the sooner the better wake up!


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