Sunday, November 3, 2013

#Morsi_Trial : Another trial for another president

I read this tweet today “Egyptians used to call the trial of Mubarak as the trial of the century , what will they call the trial of Morsi tomorrow !?”

Yes once again in less than four years Egypt an Egyptian president stands a trial. The first is Mubarak and the second is Morsi. Mohamed Morsi will stand a trial along other 14 defendants from his aides , Muslim brotherhood officials and Islamist figures. Some of them are runaways thus they will stand a trial in absentia.

Morsi and other defendants are standing a trial for the incitement to kill the protesters in the Presidential Palace clashes last 5 December 2012. I can not forget that day or the what led to it and what happened afterwards.

The trial supposedly will start at 9 AM . Unfortunately we will not see this trial live as the judge ordered that there would be no cameras or mobile phones in the court room. Nevertheless some sources said that the trial would be recorded by the Egyptian TV and then it would be aired after being edited !! Oh yes edited !! The reason given in the press that Morsi may reveal state’s secrets on air !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its location was changed at the last moment from Tora to Egypt’s favorite place to HAVE TRIALS  : The Police academy in New Cairo. Needless to say the Appeal court announced too late after the announcement of ministry of interior that they will block traffic in Tora and Maadi corniche.

Helwan university also announced that it would suspend study in its faculties in campus on Monday. Several schools specifically the private and international schools will suspend study for fear of the Muslim brotherhood protests.

The Muslim brotherhood announced on its official website that there would be protests in solidarity with Morsi against his trial. It is expected as it was announced before.

Let’s be frank no one has started the polarization in Egypt that has reached to its climax now except the Muslim brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi with his ill fated bloody Constitutional declaration.

Morsi is not Salvador Allende nor Nelson Mandela as he is being described by his supporters now , he and his brotherhood did horrifying mistakes thinking that Egypt was another syndicate they won its elections.


  1. You are right, but MB and their supporters don't see it like this.

    If Morsi were deposed "more democratically" even with militarily imposed referendum, then they might have got it. Unfortunately this whole popular-coup thing just extended the MB stubbornness.

  2. Morsi is a criminal and terrorist who is responsible for torture and murder of Egyptians in late 2012 who were exercising their right to protest and he is also responsible for "setting Egypt on fire" and that is what he told el-Sisi on July 3 2013 and it is a crime to incite violence. He is also responsible and liable for the massacre at Kerdassa and the looting of the Mallawi Museum and the looting and burning of the Coptic churches by his criminal followers and also for looting and then torching of the likes of Mohamed Hassanain Heykal's library in Kerdassa

    Having said that I do not believe this will be a fair trial

    If el-Sisi is smart then he should send to to the International Court at The Hague and let him be judged

    One final point: As I said before they killed Khaled Said and they got away with it
    Morsi is stupid and he does not get it that he committed crimes and I'm afraid to say he will also get away with these crimes because there is no justice in Egypt


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