Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Regarding the WP's interview with #Egypt intelligence Chief

Washington Post made another scoop today , it published an interview with Egypt’s current  intelligence chief major General Farid El Tohamy.
It is the first interview for the head of Egypt’s General intelligence after being appointed in that position in July 2013 in the media whether foreign or local one.
Of course our Egyptian media is focusing that Tohamy said it clearly : We still have got the best relations with CIA more than any other foreign intelligence agency.
Our currently spy chief was interviewed by David Ignatius , the famous American national security and novelist who once interviewed Hassan Nasrallah. It is a rare thing. I do not think that we had an intelligence chief in office interviewed by foreign reporters like before.
It is the worth to mention that Washington Post was the first to interview General Abdel Fatah El Sisi before any local media in August 2013.
The timing of that unexpected interview is interesting as it comes right after the New York Times’ report and profile about El Tohamy.
Some may think  PR campaign in Washington began its work by clearing the image of the spy chief after being attacked in NY Times especially that all the  Pro-Mubarak figures and supporters on the social media believe now that this interview set the record straight after NY Times piece and WP beat the NY Times.
Of course some of them are even claiming on their Facebook Pages that the Egyptian intelligence were  the one that exposed the NSA scandal and that’s why NY Times is attacking El Tohamy !! Unfortunately they have not heard about Edward Snowdon or even read the interview carefully !!
Ignatius did not ignore the NY Times’ profile and linked it in his interview.
To be honest I do not think that the interview glorifies El Tohamy because its focus was mainly on the American-Egyptian intelligence relations and the man’s answer was clear that despite our recent rocky relation with the Obama administration , our intelligence agency’s relations with the CIA are still the strongest.
This interview is actually interesting that it comes in the same time official Cairo is preparing to welcome warmly the Russian defense minister with talk of big deals of arms and guns paid by our brothers in the Gulf.
By the way I still remember very well the reports published in Sawt Al Oma weekly newspaper in 2011 accusing El Tohamy of corruption.I wonder what its revolutionary editor in chief Abdel Halim Qandil thinks about El Tohamy now. Already Qandil is accusing Morsi’s spy chief Raafat Shehata of corruption in his newspaper’s issue this week.
Now speaking about the Spy chiefs , I can ignore all the rumors and talk in Cairo nowadays that former Spy Chief Mourad Mowafi got some presidential ambitions just like Sami Anan !!

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  1. I'm a little surprised that most educated Egyptians don't know that their intelligence services work with the CIA closely. It is pretty common knowledge among people who follow the Middle East over here that the Egyptian military intelligence works with both the CIA and Mossad. From over here it is more news that most Egyptians don't know it than that the Egyptian military is working with the CIA/Mossad. You really think that the Israel lobby is praising military rule to the skies because it cares about Arabs?


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