Monday, November 11, 2013

This is what I can imagine A Salvador Dali Ghost House will look like !!!

And Cairo does not stop to surprise us !!
This villa is for sale in El Oboor area and its owner wants LE 4,200,000 according to Dubizzle. It got 12 bedrooms too.
Cairo's Surrealist villa
The exterior of the villa 
Cairo's Surrealist villa

Cairo's Surrealist villa
Cairo's Surrealist villa  with a big eye watching you 
This is a nightmarish version of some crazy Jumanji Ghost house designed by none other Salvador Dali !! WTH !!? Animals and one big eye seeing dinosaurs !? Who designed it for real !! What were the owner and the designer thinking?
By the way, there are more expensive villas in Cairo than this villa.
I could not resist myself from posting this landmark of its own in a separate post. 

Updated on March 2018:

It turned out that its owners are a married coup "architect and an interior designer" who decided to design it like that because the wife loves dinosaurs movies "the eye represents a dinosaur". 
Yet due to the fact that their children decided to immigrate, they had to sell the house. 


  1. Hi, was this building actually designed by Dali? thanks!

    1. Well according to my knowledge Dali did not design any houses and did not visit Egypt "which is awkward". This is a modern villa and we do not know who really designed it or owned it.

  2. IS THIS A FUNNY JOKE...or some kind of WIND-UP?... The FLINTSTONES will have 2 3 minds before deciding live in such...DEN?... Late/GREAT Mr.Salvador DALI must be turning in HIS grave/..please let HIM R.I.P?....THAT CYCLOP'S Blue-eye or like KHARZA ZARQA=Keeps evil eyes at bay/...MUNSTERS T.V series house gets my VOTE...and being in EL OBOUR=Graveyards..nearby? is that it?...4.200.000?...well who dares might..WIN?, but this seems gone Over The Top ..anyhow i personally wish that Couple good luck, if anyone planing to REMAKE 1954 ''RAYA WA SKEENA'' Movie...consider it as a prime location...or maybe A wrong advice..apologies/..From
    ;is-hak BARSOUMIAN/London 6th March 2018


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