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Pharaoh's Dreams and Visions

Four scenes from Ancient Egypt to 21st century Egypt

Ancient Egypt – Middle Age

Arthur Reginald's Jospeh interpeting the pharoah's dream
The Pharaoh “Whom we do not know who he was” bring prisoner Joseph from prison , he was renowned to have a special gift : To interpret dreams. The pharaoh brought him from prison to interpret two dreams : He dreamt of seven lean cows which rose out of the river and devoured seven fat cows; and, of seven withered ears of grain which devoured seven fat ears. Prophet Joseph interpreted them as foretelling that seven years of abundance would be followed by seven years of famine, and advised Pharaoh to store surplus grain during the years of abundance.
The dreams came true and the pharaoh followed Joseph’s advice saving Egypt from hunger. It paid off and Joseph was released after years in an Egyptian jail unfairly.He became the vizier of Egypt and the rest you know in Torah, Bible and Quran very well. 

Middle ages Syria

A young slave in Damascus told famous Sheikh El Ezz Ibn Abdel Salam that he saw prophet Mohamed “PBUH” himself in a vision telling him that he would head to Egypt and would rule it. The Young slave was not an ordinary Slave boy  in the Middle ages as legends and middle age historians also say that he was the unfortunate heir of Shah Muhammed II of Khwarezm captured by the Mongols and sold in Damascus.
The young slave was then sold to Prince Ezz El Din Aybak , the famous Mamluk prince where he became a Prince and his first aide in Egypt. Sooner the dream came true and the slave boy whose name was then Seif El Din Qutuz , the Mamluk Prince became the third Mamluk Sultan of  Egypt.
Qutuz did rule Egypt and conquered the Mongul armies in an epic battle that would inspire generations and generations. He only ruled Egypt for one year before he was killed by other Mamluks above them Baibars who would rule Egypt for 30 years.

Egypt- In the first half of the 20th century

Jehan El Sadat reveals that after marrying Mohamed Anwar El Sadat shortly a fortune teller or rather a palmist told her while walking by the Nile in one of the evening with her husband that she would be the Queen of Egypt. Both Jehan and Anwar laughed then but in 1971 the palmist seemed be telling the truth. Jehan El Sadat was the first lady off Egypt , she was the uncrowned Queen of Egypt.
Still in 1981 President Sadat was assassinated by Islamists with ambitions to rule. Mrs. El Sadat mentioned this in her memories I do not know where she first mentioned though.

Egypt – In the second half of the 20th century

From 35 years ago an officer in the Egyptian army called Abdel Fatah El Sisi had a very interesting series of dreams or rather visions where he was raising a sword, on which was written “No God but God” in red then  in another one he was wearing an OMEGA watch with a Green Star and When he was asked by the people about why he would have this watch,he answered that that watch was named for him “ it’s an Omega, and I’m Abdel Fattah” !!!!
General El Sisi ( Armed forces spox FB)
Of course things get darker in other dreams which he considered visions. In one vision he was told someone “he did not mention” that he  was told I would be given what nobody else had been given !!
In the final vision he revealed that He was with Sadat, and the late President assassinated by Islamists told him he  knew that he would be the president and allegedly El Sisi told him “I also know that I’m going to be the president”….!!!!
That was mentioned in another alleged audio leak from General Abdel Fatah El Sisi’s interview with Yasser Rizk of Al Masry Al Youm. Those leaks do not want to finish and up till now there was no confirmation or denial about its authenticity either.  So far it is regarded to be authentic and it is making rounds now in social media as well foreign media. I saw the last leak about the general’s  featured in none other than Times of Israel.
Of course for those people who still use their minds in the right way in Egypt are extremely alarmed that the commander of the Egyptian army “He used to head military intelligence” believes in dreams and so on not to mention that he rules Egypt now regardless of the ambitions about become Egypt’s president. “He mentioned it in his dreams”
Those who read and studied Sigmund Freud’s work  are saying that the General had long time ambition to rule Egypt. Those who read and believe in the work of Ibn Sirin are trying to interpret the dreams of Egypt’s true ruler now. Of course there were no OMEGA watches in time of Ibn Sirin !!
Some people who do not read Freud or have got the Ibn Sirin’s ultimate guide to interpret dreams believe the visions of the generals are not good , after we got a President assassinated by Islamists and a sword with the words of Tawheed in red just like blood.
We had enough of rulers who God speaks to them not to mention that we were the first nation the world to have a ruler that descends from the Gods themselves. It is more than alarming and scary when it comes to think about the future of both the Egyptian army and the future of Egypt. Many people hope it is fake including revolutionary activists I know.
El Sisi cultists and supporters who are no different than the Muslim Brotherhood supporters and members from their blind faith in their icons that reaches to dangerous cultist devotion say that that was divine sign that that was the man to rule Egypt for eternity.
The Pro-Military supporters including those claiming to be officers online are claiming that that alleged dream is associated with Sufism and its symbolisms..etc. Already I can not forget they were marketing the man as a Sufi last year.
My humble knowledge about Sufism , the true Sufis do not seek any worldly materialistic position for real , they do not want their heart full of the love of God to be full of the greed of the world and politics. This is what I know about Sufism.
Of course for traditional Salafists not Jihadist Salafists  , the man has to be obeyed either way according to their doctrines as the land and men are following his orders by the will of God. For God sake the traditional Salafists and their Sheikhs like Yasser El Borhamy are the best friends for regimes especially police regimes. The Sword with the words that No God but God in red could be sign for them.
Ironically those guys used to mock on how the Pro-MB Islamists used to claim that they saw visions and dreams of Prophet Mohamed,Omar and archangel Gabriel used allegedly support Mohamed Morsi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is easy to govern and control people who believe in dreams , visions , omens I am afraid !!
I have a dream
Martin Luther King JR.
August 28, 1964
Lincoln Memorial , Washington D. C
Well I have my dream too , it is a vision not for me as sort savior queen but rather a vision of my Egypt.  I dream of Egypt that has got a true Constitution that builds a true strong civilian secular nation that does not differentiate between its citizens regardless of their color , race , religion or gender. I dream of a constitution that gives people rights and regard them as humans.
I dream of a ministry of interior that is restructured to serve the people for real , that protects the people for real and respects their rights as well the law for real. I dream of a true parliament that represents the people of Egypt real. I dream of true hearing sessions in the parliament.
I dream that ministers from defense to transportation worry from the hearing sessions in the parliament. I dream of officials that worry from accountability , I dream of official that are truly dedicated to their work and want to be remembered in some positive way.
I dream that no civilian stand a military trial nor there is a difference between civilian or military in the first place when it comes to respect and recognition in the country.
I dream of a proper modern education in public schools and public universities. I dream of true scientific research in Egypt. I dream of true eco-industrial and agriculture booming in Egypt. I dream of clean streets and beaches.
I dream that we expand in solar energy especially in rural areas so villages have electricity. I dream of true urban development. I dream of true decentralization in the governorates. I dream of true local councils where the people themselves govern and monitor the government’s action.
I dream of a foreign ministry that truly got a vision for Egypt as true leading independent developing country in Africa and Arab world.
Dream Dream Dream all what I do is dream !! I have too many dreams as you can see. I  know dreams are free. They are one of the ways to escape bitter realities.
I dream and I know that realistically my dream will not come true any time sooner , may be before I will be in my 60s when I see or may I do not and even die before happens. All what I sure that this land was ruled with generals and priests for thousands of years will see the general’s dream come true as it always has done with men like him regardless of the consequences.

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