Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our own NSA scandal

 Instead of speaking about the global NSA scandal and how the United States spied on our communications in Egypt hoping that our current government would do something like other governments when it claims independence and bravery against the U.S , we find out that our phone calls leaked and aired on air on TV.

In the past three weeks , Self claimed TV host, Islamist movements specialist and well known State security writer Dr.Abdel Rahim Ali has been airing phone calls recorded in 2011 for prominent activists that played a role  in the 25 January 2011 revolution on Al Kahera Wal Nas TV channel in order to expose them as fraud and prove that the January 25 revolution was a Muslim Brotherhood Global Conspiracy. It is not a big secret that the TV channel of Advertising tycoon Tarek Nour is a Pro-Mubarak police channel and  it is not a big secret either that Abdel Rahim is connected to state security.

Nothing in the calls aired on Al Qahera Wal Nas is truly scandalous or shocking or even surprising as some claim and act accordingly lately in a silly way. For instance from two days ago one of the audio leaks is for activist Asmaa Mahfouz asking another activist she knows whether they found her file in the State security after its storming in March 2011 just like thousands of Egyptians who asked their friends who were in the capital of hell in that night. People now are acting as if they did not know that the State security was allegedly stormed in 2011 by the approval of the army.

Still the Mubarak orphans and those longing for the old good days of the police state are doing a big fuss about and using it to hit those group of activists. Amazingly that group of activists currently under the fire of Abdel Rahim Ali is the same group of activists that had been groomed by the media right after the revolution in January 2011 and were crowned as symbols of the revolution just like Tahrir square. I hate to say that I wrote before this was going to happen.
They are also the same group of activists that have been widely criticized by other revolutionaries for not being revolutionary enough like for instance Mostafa Al Nagar and Ahmed Maher.

Now I do not care much about the content of these calls leaked on TV as much I care the privacy and legal status of such act.In any other respectable country an investigation should be opened on who recorded these calls for what reason and whether it was recorded legally “Court or prosecution's permission” or how it was aired like this is.

Abdel Rahim Ali claims that they were recorded by the orders of the prosecution and yet he fails to answer on how they are leaked and why they are aired this on air. Did the Egyptian general prosecution order them to be aired like that !? In March 2011 after the so-called storming of the State security supervised by the army "that collected all the documents from the good revolutionary youth then" , former minister of interior El Eissawy claimed that there would be no more illegal wiretapping anymore and no one would spy on the calls and emails of the activists except by legal warrant.

Ali is acting like a brave man knowing the legendary Egyptian deep state is going to save him but realistically speaking he can face a jail sentence over his actions. I do need to speak about the legal responsibility of Al Kahera Wal Nas.  By the way Abdel Rahman Youssef , Ahmed Shoukry and Mostafa Al Nagar declared that they were going to take a legal action against him and the channel

In respectable civilized country , Mobinil “Orange” , Vodafone and Etisalat need to explain on how the calls of their clients from Pro-25January revolution political activists were tapped and aired on TV like that. Of course their CEOs think they are in the safe side because of the current regime but you know nothing is forever and one day they will pay the price and it won’t be good for their image whether locally or internationally. 

Of course the Pro-Police/Military state people are cheering for this ignoring the fact that they can be next even after decades."It will happen I am sure because I believe in Karma now".
 I do not speak about the human rights and law to those people because they won't listen and refuse listen. Those people ironically were mad on how the MB used allegedly to spy on the phone calls of the officials in the State !! Ironically indeed.

I know it can be hard in a country like Egypt where the majority of people have been oppressed for years to know that no one has the right what so ever to record or spy on people's personal telecommunications without court's permission or the general prosecution's permission. They are giving up essential right but part of me can not blame them when I see the amount of fear and spread in the media. The people should know that there is no use in a weak state that breaks and misuse the law in order to get back at its opponents , it is a failed state.
And yes January 25 revolution is being attacked and fought cyrstal clear by the approval of the current regime.

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