Sunday, January 12, 2014

#EgyConstitution : And Actually this documentary is sad

The Pro-regime mainstream media promoting for Constitution 2014 aired this short documentary about the participation in the constitution referendum called "Shark" aka "Participate".

"Participate" idea is to let the Egyptians or so-called "normal Egyptians" in different governorates to show how they are going to participate in the upcoming constitution referendum. True they are normal Egyptians but the reasons on why they are going to participate in the referendum have nothing to do with the Constitution !!! It is sad documentary when you hear simple Egyptians saying that they are going to vote for the draft constitution because "General El Sisi approves it" and "That it will bring stability" as well "welfare"
Unfortunately the constitution won't bring stability or welfare, nor it should be approved because the army's commander "who has not right to vote in the first place" likes it !! 
It is sad documentary.  

The documentary showed unfortunately how people do not understand the meaning of the constitution or its role and the media is celebrating this misunderstanding and sorry to say ignorance.Needless any authoritarian regime will not make any effort to make those understand the truth of the constitution and what would bring stability and welfare for real.
The short documentary is directed by Sandra Nashat.She directed before that video clip against the Constitution 1971 amendments in March 2011. Of course that campaign failed miserably. It is worth to mention that it was during the golden alliance between SCAF and Islamists.
Sandra Nashat is known for light romantic comedy and thriller films starring actors like Karim Abdel Aziz and  Ahmed Ezz.
 Some Pro-Revolutionary supporters compared Nashat to Leni Riefenstahl and Shark to the Triumph of the Well. First I highly doubt that Nashat heard about Riefenstahl or the Triumph of the Well for real and Shark actually is mediocre compared to one of the world's biggest propaganda documentaries in the modern times. Needless to say Riefenstahl was not celebrating ignorance of her people. 
All the Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Military/Pro-Police State supporters online are cheering for Sandra's documentary for showing the real Egyptians that are ignored by the revolutionary media "where is the revolutionary media already now".
Unfortunately those supporters do not care for real about that class featured in this short documentary or their true demands and needs.
Professionally speaking this is a documentary to encourage people to say "Yes" in the Constitution for reasons other than the constitution and its articles and its proposes so actually it is a propaganda
Now speaking about propaganda , a young activist called Shady Hussein made this short clip which is actually a social experiment on how the media in Egypt uses the Yes-Yes persuasion technique in order to convince the people with certain message.

Ironically Hussein made this clip without knowing what Sandra Nashat did. 
We will not deny that many people in Egypt are uneducated and sorry to say ignorant and unfortunately those people again and again are left in the dark because no authoritarian regime or police state likes truly educated people who know their rights. It is not about being poor or rich but about knowing your rights. One thing I blame the Cairo youth in it in those 3 years is that we did not spread the revolution principles and let the people know their rights in their rural areas. 
Anyhow may be in 2015 we have another constitution or amendments and the same problems including poverty , terrorism and political still exist may be the people will  know that the real role of constitution.


  1. Worth recalling what President Morsi said in a speech on television after the constitutional referendum, that the Egyptians voting against the constitutional referendum were within their rights, "because Egypt of the revolution — Egypt's people and its elected president — can never feel annoyed by the active patriotic opposition. We don't want to go back to the era of the one opinion and fabricated fake majorities." With regard to the referendum, Morsi went on to add that "there have been mistakes here and there, and I bear responsibility", but that "no matter what the hardships of the past [were], I see it as the pain of birthing the new Egypt ... It is truly the dawn of [a] new Egypt, which has risen and is now shining."

    Under Sissy boy and Sawaris and his cronies it is now an offence to campaign for a no vote.

  2. Heck, if they want this thing to be taken seriously abroad they should be campaigning for a no vote. After the arrests and suppression of opposing views if 90% of the vote is yes it will be taken about as seriously in the West as Saddam's or Mubarak's elections, that is to say, not at all. I mean, you seriously want me to believe you got 97% of the vote because everyone loves you, not because you torture anyone who votes the wrong way? Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, slave of a tinpot dictator.


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