Monday, January 13, 2014

#EgyConstitution : Talk to me about About the use of religion in Politics

One of the myths in June 30th that we were putting an end to the use of religion by the Muslim Brotherhood in politics , well now the current regime is using religion boldly and disgustingly in politics and nobody from the so-called liberal and secular politicians and parties are opening their mouths like before.
Dr. Shawky Allam , the current grand Mufti of Egypt is saying that boycotting the referendum is hateful in Islam !! Last time I checked as a Muslim there is nothing against or with the boycotting of any political election as it is not a bloody testimony in some court !!
Moving to the Salafists , to Nour party that masters the game of religion in politics.
Of course they are saying that the draft constitution protects Sharia and so on.
Salafist flyers for constitution 2014 
They also say that this draft constitution will protect the last Sunni army in the regime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know verses the bad Iran !!!
I know that Sheikh Allam "who was appointed during Morsi" is trying to counter the MB's calls
The church also jumped to the wagon and unfortunately we found the Pope himself , Pope Tawadros II himself is telling the people to vote yes in order to be blessed by God !!

The man does not want to stop after the video , we find an op-ed in Ahram newspaper "Saying yes increases blesses" !! 

Ironically the Pope said last April 2013 that religion should not be involved in politics because politics are dirty !! I do not know why there is a change now !!
Of course I can not ignore how the Muslim Brotherhood are using religion in a counter way telling the people not to vote because it is a sin to do so !!
Voting in the constitution  has nothing to do with God for God's sake , leave God out of your stupid cheap earthly conflicts !!
No big difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and current regime actually.
There will be no more blessing nor Egypt will be a paradise after adopting that constitution , stop fooling the people.


  1. a simple truth is Morsi's government accepted dissent. in fact they barely had any real authority. the media was free and virulently anti government, the judiciary was against them, the military and the interior ministry were a govemnt within a government. So at least people could oppose their attempts at policies. now it is illegal to voice dissent. well done all those who supported the coup and destroyed a nascent democracy. for all the flaws give me morsi back any day....
    btw 10% turnout for expats and thats after any forging of votes....what a joke

  2. The constitution is being promoted as protecting freedom, yet it is essentially being imposed at the point of a gun barrel. Once they ramrod this thing through, the oppression will still continue and might even worsen.

  3. It is just another face of the ugly reality that we are living through in Egypt, which is that most people don't really BELIEVE in what they believe further than how useful it is to them.

    Politics in religion is bad when practiced by opponents (because they are using it in a vile way) but is good when we do it (because we are good people) - sad state of affairs...

  4. Morsi wasnt a perfect president but by supporting a coup they have made a huge mistake. Army will now not give up power without a fight. Mark my words Sisi will crush every opposition force that tries to limit army power.


  5. this is a fast way Egypt to become a secular state

    1. In the sense that North Korea or Burma are secular, I agree. Somehow I'd rather like in Norway or the UK despite their established churches, but that's just me.

  6. "I do not know why there is a change now !!"

    The change is because of the all-pervasive State Security and elements that have fostered this element to become the most powerful force in Egypt since the last 60 years. Sisi is just a representative of this element, like Mubarak was before him.


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