Monday, February 24, 2014

And the Cabinet Resigns to Start a new episode in our Egyptian Saga

And suddenly PM Hazem El Beblawy resigned earlier Tuesday in a new episode of the on going Egyptian political saga we are having . 

Despite the Pro-Military/Pro-Deep State media has been calling 24/7 for the resignation of El Beblawy’s cabinet blaming him for everything wrong in Egypt , the news somehow was surprising for many people including some ministers themselves. Oh yes some ministers did not know the news except from the TV statement of the former prime minister himself. Already we got a minister of foreign affairs currently in Congo who found out the news there !!

Up till now I do not understand why the sudden resignation when this cabinet realistically speaking had only two months in power as the upcoming president elected within that period should appoint a new cabinet.

Some or rather the majority says that the resignation of El Bablawy is paving the way to El Sisi’s presidential bid. I do not understand the relation between the resignation of the cabinet and the Field Marshal’s candidacy.

Needless to say some news websites and newspapers are claiming that El Sisi will be the minister of defense in new cabinet too and others say that he is still doing his job right now as a minister of defense in the caretaker cabinet.

Of course when El Sisi will declare his candidacy is another enigma especially now some Deep State media outlets like Abdel Rahim Ali’s Yellow e-news portal claims that the Field General won’t run in the presidential elections. Others say that El Sisi and his team are waiting for the elections law which should be issued by the end of this week.

Some few say that the wave of strikes was the last straw to bring El Beblawy’s cabinet.

Looking back to El Beblawy and his cabinet , I see that the military used him as sandbag for all the punches and fiascos in the country even the fiascos he is not responsible of like for instance the security and terrorism in the country. The Pro-Military seemed intentionally to forget that the deputy PM for security in Egypt all those  months who should be held accountable is none other than Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

By the way since the days of Mubarak , the deep state used to shift the blame on the president diverting it to the government and the Prime minister through the media.

The upcoming PM , a true setback

The former minister of housing as well former member of the NDP’s policy committee Ibrahim Mahlab is said to be chosen as the upcoming PM. Oh yes this tells where we are heading to. Ironically I remember that Field Marshal El Sisi once said before the 25 January 2014 that the old faces of the Pre-25 January 2011 would not come back !! May be things have changed after all he was a general when he said not a Field Marshal !!!!

Now at the same time the deep state media was attacking El Bablawy and couple of his ministers referring them as ElBaradei boys day and night it was grooming minister  of housing and former CEO of Arab Contractors Ibrahim Mahlab as the perfect PM of Egypt counting his achievements in the ministry.

Ibrhaim Mehlab was a member of the NDP’s policy committee and the CEO of Arab Contractors as well. Yes we are back to the NDP whether we like or not.

Already the deep state media has been playing the same tune : At least Mubarak’s men used to operate the country right unlike the MB or the revolutionaries presented in El Beblawy’s cabinet. After all El Beblawy’s cabinet included ministers from socialists like Kamel Abou Eita , El Beblawy and Ziyad Bahaa El Din are from the Social Democratic Party and Hossam Eissa is from Constitution Party.

By the way some say that the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim will remain in his position , again this tells you to where we are heading.


  1. The Revolution Should Continue

    Sisi Is Not Nasser.
    Nassr,s 1952 Revolution Was A White Revolution.
    Nasser Supported The Poor.

  2. Egyptian youth and liberals must think harder to stop the tyranny of military dictatorship. I think it is time for MB to take active stand to back the liberals with their vote. The liberals need to select a good candidate that can create a room for all views and stand against Sisi. At the moment MB have no chance since they are a banned organization and will remain banned if the Mubarak regime consolidate power under Sisi's leadership. So the strategy must be to help a liberal and democratic leader to be elected and open door for everyone to take part in the next election. Egypt must have a breathing space from strong arm rule of either the army or militant MB. So
    1. The liberal must come up with one good candidate
    2. The MB need to use their tactical vote to elect a liberal democrat.
    Then at list the army will be forced back to it's barracks, terrorism will cease and freedom of speech and democratic rights will be restored.
    That is a win win situation for all. it saves the MB from extinction, stop Sisi's march to power and restore the hope and aspiration of the people.

  3. who do you mean by the "deep state"?


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