Sunday, February 16, 2014

One billion Rising Flash Mob in #Cairo

And yes we had our own one billion Rising flash mob in Cairo to raise awareness about violence against women as part of a global event organized all over the world on last 14 February 2014.

Our ladies took the Korba street in Heliopolis and did their flash mob dance. Their dance was against sexual harassment.

Ironically it comes at time we hear about Dahab and similar cases of ladies facing physical abuses in detention and the return of virginity tests once again.

Anyhow this gives one hope that women , at least the middle class and Upper middle class women began to break social taboos. Thanks for their ladies for inspiration.


  1. Very nice, but like you said, it's the upper crust ladies....

  2. let s dance the wars away!

  3. I just love dance. There are many companies which provide services for flash mob dancers in UAE. I am also thinking to contact any company which can help me so planning a surprise flash mob in my company.


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