Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taba explosion : Rewinding the bad history "Updated"

And for the first time today the tourists began to be the target of terrorists in Sinai. Just from moments ago an explosion targeted a bus carrying Korean tourists after passing the borders with Israel in Taba , the famous Red Sea resort.(The photos source : April 6 Youth on twitter)

According to the early MOI report 3 people were at least killed including the driver and over 20 others were injured. Israel sent ambulance to help the injured as many of them are in critical condition.Updated : 4 were killed and at least 5 Korean tourists in critical condition have been transferred to Israeli hospitals. It turned out that the bus was coming from Saint Catherine Mt and heading to Israel in some sort of religious tourist trip. Early reports suggest that the bomb was placed under the driver's seat.Some Israeli news website published a video showing the bombing of the bus from the survilliance footage on the Israeli part.
This is a new development as well an escalation in the terrorist attacks whose main target since last July 2013 in Sinai as well Cairo was security forces. We are back to the days of the 1990s where tourists were a main target. Actually we are back to the 2000s where South Sinai had its share from several terrorist attacks.
Now the attacks moved to South where tourism industry began to catch up.
I am concerned that after targeting the tourists in Taba in 2000s , the security forces unleashed hell abusing locals there affecting their relationship with the state till this day in addition to whatever happening in the North now from military campaign against the terrorist groups things will go from bad to worse to worst. Just today after the return of the communications in the North Sinai for couple of hours , I found as usual the alarming posts and tweets of the activists and tweeps there.
It is not a secret that I am terrified that the current 1960s atmosphere and presidential cult we live in Egypt in addition to this terrorism will end in the loss of Sinai just like we did in 1967 but in different way.
Another sad day.


  1. Both the government and ABM think in terms of destroying their enemies. The combat that the two are locked in will keep getting bloodier as each strives to become more barbaric than the other. The mental output of the two sides ensures that each action will produce an opposite reaction of some nature.

    Make no mistake, this is what they both have chosen and want. Neither wants the fighting to subside, as both make their livings off of others' deaths.

  2. Yeah, this is a win for the Sinai jihadists, and an easy one at that. You knock the tourism industry, hurting the enemies bottom lines and the Egyptian military can be depended upon to torture, bomb and rob the Sinai population in retaliation, pushing more recruits into their forces. It's a win-win. Might not help their reputation in mainland Egypt, but I'm guessing they are just shooting for making the Sinai a liberated zone atm.


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