Monday, February 17, 2014

As if #Egypt needs this , Justin Bieber is coming to Cairo

Oh the prince of pop is coming to Cairo for a concert in his upcoming world tour. Yes besides our usual depressing news from imprisoning activists,terrorist bombings and a Presidential election that we know its results from now , we know that annoying singer is coming to Cairo.

Bieber is coming to Cairo in April 2014 , I think during the Presidential elections or after the presidential elections supposedly.
Of course I am waiting for some brainy quotes from Bieber about Egyptian civilization.
I thought that Justin Bieber has his legal issues and drama back in the States to the level that he would be kicked out from there. The Prince of pop will sing in Porto Cairo. Ironically I thought that this annoying kid has retired.
Of course his fans are flying over the moon. Of course they were shocked after knowing that the price ticket to attend that jerk’s concert is LE 2,000. Yes LE 2,000 !!


  1. Would want to know who is sponsoring this event - and putting up the money to bring here the boy who throws atones on neighbors. (.. but he is an 'artist', yea!)

    Egypt, a country - living off citizens of other countries who pay for its security (USA, Saudi, et al), food, and everything else .. for such a country where precious foreign exchange is prioritized for importing essential food, medicines, etc .. for such a country to spend forex on a 'manufactured boy' .. arrrgg!!!

    Egypt, I feel your shame.

    Om el dunia? Sure.

  2. I can appreciate the frustrations expressed in the post and above comment.

    However, Justin Bieber generally steers clear of politics and does not set his own tour schedule. It was most likely set well before this particular set of elections were planned.

    While he is not innovative he is talented, or at least a lot of people think so.

    At heart he is a 19 year old seeking to connect with a father who abandoned him, and left he and his mother to struggle on their own. Like many youth in the same situation at the same age, he has found a less than desirable parent and a negative influence.

    Also like others, he seems to have trouble letting go of the fantasy of the father he wishes he had, and accepting the reality of an exploitive one.

    I sincerely hope Egypt finds its way through current challenges. I also hope that not a lot of energy, better spent on those challenges, is wasted on scapegoating a Canadian pop singer.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Canadian and a psychiatrist. :)

  3. I'm following you since a while Zenobia , you are full of depression ,this visit considered to be very positive to Egypt but frankly speaking you are very talented in spotting negative conclusions among the news ,no offence , but is it a personal problem ?

  4. ha ha ha, on your wit Zee, he IS annoying as spit! Maybe he'll move to Cairo and leave us Americans alone now. :)

  5. My husband said, "he'd have to pay me 2,000 LE to go". ha ha ha Equally irritating the Jacksons (as kids) the Osmonds (as kids) and still around cashing in. Never ends, they never retire. I think Paul McCartney is nearing 80, and certainly the Rolling Stone guy Mick Jagger is still performing! Excuse, me, it's "Sir Mickey" now. He was knighted by the Queen just like Sir Paul was.

  6. Even though I agree with you that he is annoying and all but I don't think its very civilized of you to call him a "jerk". He is constantly bashed in the US media but no ones calls him that. And you know what? As Mr. Anonymous previously said, why don't you just lighten up and take it as a good thing. Whether you like him or not, the fact that he performs in Cairo (assuming it does go ahead) is a message to the world that our country is safe and that we have the ability to enjoy life despite all that we are going through.

  7. okay people need to stop hating on bieber for this he's only doing what his fans have been asking him for years now , and yes egypt is in a very unstable condition these days but that doesn't mean that he's gonna make it worst in fact him coming here could put egypt on the map in a better way than we're already shown to the world i'm not a fan but i'm excited that he's coming here and you have no right to call him annoying or a jerk have some respect and shut up.


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