Saturday, March 29, 2014

#EgyElections : It is A Farce and You all know that !!

Ok I was waiting all the time , all those weeks if not months to write this post about the upcoming presidential elections.

I was waiting till the moment Field Marshal El Sisi would become Mr. El Sisi and would announce. Despite I knew that he would do it , some people were insisting to give him the man a chance till the last moment , may be he would use his mind and stick to his military suit but what you know. I won the bet and he turned to be not that smart after all.

Personally I do not know if I should cover these presidential elections in the blog as the old ones or not considering the fact that they are just so fake and here I mean by the word fake that all know its results from now : Abdel Fatah El Sisi is groomed to be the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is not even a surprise or shock or something we or rather the whole do not know. For months since July 26 , 2013 we knew that Abdel Fatah El Sisi was going to be Egypt’s next President especially with the huge systematic media campaign and growing presidential cult going on for months. For months there has been a systematic campaign to implant the idea that El Sisi was not only the savior or Egypt or the Arab world but also the whole world against the American Western Zionist Muslim Brotherhood control.

Despite his failure in Sinai , despite his failure to win that war he unleashed , many people still believe in him thanks to that constant systematic brainwash in the media especially in TV channels.

It is a farce when you see the army supporting explicitly a specific candidate not to mention that that candidate used to lead the army. It is a farce when you see regional powers supporting El Sisi’s candidacy explicitly.

It is enough said that the TV channels and Pro-military columnists only considered Hamdeen Sabbahi important just “ to show the world we got a democracy” despite “ El Sisi is going to be a president”.

Already I do understand up till now why Hamdeen Sabbahi would accept to be part of this silly farce when he knows the results in advance. For god sake he is not given a fair chance that like idol praised 24/7 in the media , let alone he is not backed up by an army or Rich Arab states. The news of El Sisi and his campaign are on the Front page of Ahram and you want me to believe that there will be a fair competition !!

By the way interesting the Pro-Military supporters and journalists are calling the people to vote in the elections in order to give it some sort of legitimacy. They know that empty polling  stations would look so bad and would give him less power , less legitimacy than Morsi. Yes they care now for the Polls and ballot boxes legitimacy.

Anyhow despite I am sure that El Sisi will win , again for months many people look to him and the army as the real God of Egypt that would save the whole universe. 

Sorry for wasting your time.


  1. Dear Zeinobia,

    It's a while since I last responded here. Your country is in such miserable state that all I could do is sympathize. Like you I was waiting for this column.

    I fear that unless Egyptians act now, it would be another generation before you get your next chance for freedom. As much as these elections are orchestrated, the following ones would dwarf them.

    Today the military is still weak and lacks legitimacy. This is the time when you can still speak, demonstrate, boycott the elections. Next time, you would have Syria style elections, with 90% participation (ha!) and 99.7% support of the dictator.

    The thought of Egypt becoming a dictatorship is awful. My thought and payers are with you.

    -- Friend from abroad

  2. Hi. Thanks for all of your writing, which I never feel is a waste of time.First and foremost, take care of yourself.
    About the year 2000 in the US, a media mogul on TV was asked about the biggest advance of TV of the previous 40 years. He looked about furtively, almost as though he did'nt want to be heard, and then answered, "the ability to control public opinion".
    This seems to be the bane of elections. The US has a 2 party system, and so of course money from big business and special interests floods, and controls this system. Candidates from outside of the two parties typically have no chance of winning an election. The candidates of the two parties are selected by this big money-special interests, and as these people have been kept in the limelight, the people feel they are having some choice, when in fact the choice has already been made by others. This seems how our "democracy" works. I hope that in Egypt you can find a better way.

  3. Thank you for writing, keeping us updated. I'm always eager to read your posts and they inspire me for my blog.
    I fully agree with you about El Sisi and am amazed how even educated people support (and love!!!!) him and treat him as Egypt's saviour. Sad times for Egypt.
    You and all those who have got brains should continue to fight for your right!
    El Qamar


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