Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#Egyelections : Waiting for Another Speech

And here I am waiting in front of the National TV Ch.1 at 8.18 PM for the upcoming Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi’s Televised speech which was supposed to be aired at 6 PM. It seems that it is a habit for Egypt’s rulers and future rulers as it seems.

What we know today was the only day for El Sisi to leave the army in order to run for presidency and so he technically resigned for his position as the minister of defense in a SCAF meeting  “not a a real resignation but some sort of request to retire to SCAF”

Already Abdel Fatah El Sisi had no other day to do it except because next Sunday the Presidential elections committee will open the so-called  Presidential elections candidacy 2014.

El Sisi had to leave the army tonight because his name will be registered as a civilian in the voters records tomorrow.

The army and police officers do not vote in the elections, they do not have that right according to the Constitution.

The meeting of SCAF headed by Adly Mansour is still going on. He promoted Major General Sobhi Sedky to General Rank. Sedky is the new minister defense now.

Already I do not understand why a former minister of defense is going to address the nation in a Televised speech when he already resigned from his position hours ago !? Not to mention that this former minister of defense.

Anyhow here is a live blog for this historical event as some Pro-El Sisi tweep said earlier on twitter , after all the man is next president !!


  1. what a pathetic little shit he is!

  2. El-Sisi will bury democracy and the Arab Spring once for all unless he is sopped. That is not difficult. The MB supporters need to vote tactically by electing and liberal and democratic candidate. The librals need to bring one strong candidate and appeal to MB voters not to boycott the election. The MB will be finished if Sisi is elected. So tactical voting for liberal candidate can swing the vote more than 51% to stop Sisi.

  3. Just a quick reminder for all those Egyptian 'liberals' upset about this: you did this.

    Yeah, I'm not too mature to indulge in "I told you so". Maybe you should call in the military ok, ok, I'll stop.

  4. What the hell the Army is doing to us and our Country ??????!!!

    El Sissy talked as he is an Angel !!!!
    How many simple Egyptians he killed last three years and how many simple Egyptians he is order to kill Now from our Great People ??!!!

    Allah swt Save Egypt from few Egyptians.

    We have the Rights to have Civilian President.

    The Revolution Should Continue.

  5. The problem in the previous Egyptian election seemed similar to what happens in many "democratic" countries. Egyptians were'nt given a choice of candidates they wanted, but had to choose between the lesser of two evils, an apparently religious Muslim, and a military person. They chose the Muslim, and were unhappy with the religious trappings, which is probably what the military figured before the election. The military would win either way. The election as it was offered to Egypt was a win win situation for the military. It would be a true demonstration of democracy if the Egyptian people were given a choice of individuals that they really wanted to vote for.

  6. The revolutionaries will be back. One day, in the not too distant future, their hour will come and they will prevail. Next time, nothing will be able to save the scum at the top. The next revolution will not stop until is totally and irreversibly destroyed.

  7. Khaki candidates don't usually know how to manage a whole country for the benefit of all. Sissi is another strongman, as if the world hasn't seen enough of these. Assad is a strongman. Oh well, why even bother with a vote. Just crown the man.

  8. When those who control Egypt look back in 20 years, if they are still alive, they surely will not be able to be proud of the number of lives they pointlessly exterminated to boost a political agenda. Egypt has become madness.

  9. Its stupid when some Egyptians both lavish love on the phrase War on Terrorism and at the same time accuse the U.S. of having a plot to destroy all armies in the region. Educated people recall that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were both rationalized in significant part by the repetitive use of the War on Terrorism mantra.

    The War on Terrorism was an inseparable and indispensable component of these and other military interventions.

    Sisi's speech stating that he will fight terrorism in other countries and foreign lands mimics and apes George W. Bush. This is indisputable. Those who accuse Bassem Youssef of plagiarism should get Sisi and his minions to properly cite their source of inspiration.

  10. Egypt needs a strongman. When you have democratic elections, unfortunately you elect Muslim Brothershits.

  11. Egypt do not need a strong man, Jason. The time for absolute monarchy is over. In the era of facebook, twitter, Aljezera and 24 hours TV no generation will accept an autocrat. Ruling through fear is not possible, it only bread extremism. No one is going to put his head down just because the army can randomly kill civilians. It will only create a permanent instability. If people are not allowed to express their view peacefully they will be a resource materials for violence. Egypt does not need to be another Syria. If Mubarak had insisted like Asad, he could have turned the country in to Syria. Now Sisi is going to try the same trick and take Egypt to Demascus. You should not forget 51% of the people voted for MB and his power base is not small but at the moment it is not organized. That is just a question of time.

    The one thing every Egyptian need to do is now elect a liberal candidate and give five year to sort out the ambition of MB and the army. Power need to be further away from MB and the army.

    Bringing the army is insanity. As Enistine said "insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expect a different result". Appointing a younger Mubarak (Sisi) is not a solution. So every liberal and every MB need to vote for someone else even the guy is dumb.

    1. keep an open for the next civil war...not this year, maybe not even the next five years...but it will happen and it will be like no other civil war of that region. there is no way this new government (already counting that it's futile to have an election) will allow any liberal party to be goodness the damage that egypt has found itself in...count another 50 years for it to get out this authoritarian the meantime, the world moves on and egypt will be behind as usual...the world doesn't really care and wouldn't wait for egypt to become a democracy....sorry Egypt!

  12. ok i just read your insults...none meant!
    but here goes: egypt is heading into a civil war....if not within the next couple of years then within the next 5. there is no way this government will allow again another liberal party to even think of entering parliament. and if it does it will be a bribed party to shut up and do as the man must wait and the meantime the world moves on...egypt should have kep morsi and wait for his term to end, and with the new elections vote ... alas


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