Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy belated Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all Egyptian and Arab mothers all over the globe celebrating this day today , even if it was late.
Happy Mother Day to all the martyrs’ mothers from all parties who lost their children especially in last year because of a disgusting fight over power. Happy Mother Day to the Mothers of the detainees who are waiting for the return of their children back home safe.
Happy Mother Day to all the fantastic women and mothers working hardly to provide their children a better life.
Happy Mother Day to all mothers in the world.
Now some Egyptian Chronicles’ historical posts , Do you know who was the first Egyptian woman to be crown as the Role Model Mother when Mother’s Day was first celebrated in Egypt on 21 March 1956  was Mrs. Zeinab El Rafai. This scan is from “Misr Zaman” Facebook page. 
The first Role Model Mom in Egypt "Misr Zaman FB"

Oh yes there was some sort of competition to choose the Role Model Mother every year then and Mrs. El Rafai was chosen after her family applied to the competition. Mrs. Zeinab El Rafai was a housewife who could not read or write but raised all her 12 children “3 boys and 9 girls” to be educated.


  1. Mother is the first word that you try to spell in your childhood.

  2. mothers day is coming, this article is very helpful for those who wanna wish mothers day to their moms,,,, happy mothers day

  3. Yeah, It is great to know that the first Role Model Mom in Egypt is "Misr Zaman FB". Mothers are generally housewives and they play their role beautifully. We are nothing without them.


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