Friday, March 21, 2014

#FreeAlaa : Where is @Alaa !? "Updated"

And I have posted that we must hang on moments of happiness in this difficult time moments before reading Manal Hassan's tweets about her husband activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah.

 Do you know how does it feel to have someone you know detained at the Ministry of interior !? It means that you can not be assured that he is fine for moment. Alaa was taken from from his cell yesterday and since then we do not know his whereabouts. 
 According to Alaa's family online they can not get an answer on where he was taken. He was taken yesterday from his cell to somewhere , where is that somewhere nobody knows officially.
It is worth to mention that Alaa has been detained illegally since last November 2013 and only last week he was referred along other 26 protesters to court for illegal protesting next March 23,2014.
This is extremely alarming by all measures especially with the reports of activists and detainees like Khaled El Sayid and Nagi Ali that they were tortured and beaten.
Updated @22.3.2014
Mona Seif announced that they found Alaa at last earlier Saturday. It turned out that he was transferred to another solitary cell after starting a hunger strike on Wednesday. 

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  1. Egyptian revolutionaries must take a lesson from Ukrainians:

    They were organized, extremely organized. See Ukrainian "Dictatorship Resistance Committee" from Wikipedia. They are the ones who got the power after revolution, it was managed revolution.

    For example, the man often seen on the Maidan stage was to become Minister of Culture.

    Their actions in power at the beginning was swift:

    1. Opulent mansion of Yanukovich was not looted, but paraded as a sign of victory and organization.
    2. They sacked all constitutional judges who in the past voted to increase presidential powers.
    3. Disbanded riot police, and started investigations on those who committed violence.
    4. Started real process to get the money back, with documents from former president openly available.

    Far right groups are not as a big problem as said in media. Firstly because Ukraine is ex-soviet state, the reformists can't associate themselves with communism etc. it wouldn't play well with the public.

    See for instance "People's Self-Defense Political Party". It's symbol even had a fist. But they joined with center-right party, why? Because there was no room for political pluralism yet. The room for socialist parties will open in Ukraine now if the basic freedoms can be met.


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