Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents : #Ahly Club Elections in Photos

Last Friday the weather was amazing in the morning so I took off with my camera , headed to Zamalek where I could find nice scenes whether in gardens or the Nile. Instead I found out that Ahly Sports Club is having elections to choose its board members.  So I went there to take some snap shots for the big event. After all we are speaking about the Club of the century in Africa.
I am not a member so I did not go inside , it was enough to see that red carnival outside.

I have got a question. According to my knowledge half million Egyptian pounds were the maximum limit of budget spent supposedly in the clubs’ elections according to the ministry of Youth and sports and how much was really spent in the elections’ campaign of Ahly club !?
Judging only by the billboards and banners used through out the streets of Zamalek only I would say more than one million pound from each rival group !!
You must know just as money played an important role politics also played even more important and more dangerous role when it comes to the two rival groups competing on Ahly board : Ibrahim El Mollaem’s team and Mahmoud Taher’s team.
For weeks rumors spread like first that Ibrahim El Mollaem was in closet Muslim Brotherhood member !! Oh yes Egypt’s biggest publisher was accused of being MB because of writers he deals with like Fahmy Howaidy , Rabab El Mahdy, Amr Hamzawy, Belal Fadl and Bassem Youssef !! It is just ironic because before the revolution he was accused of being close to Suzanne Mubarak.
The mother of all ironies is that the most important writer in El Mollaem’s publishing kingdom is Mohamed Hassanein Heikal who is said to be the main adviser for Presidential Candidate and future President of Egypt Abdel Fatah El Sissi !! Heikal’s sons are actually El Mollaem’s business partners !!
It is worth to mention that El Mollaem’s long time ally in Ahly Club , its former Chairman Hassan Hamdy was arrested last week because of a corruption case related to Ahram Institution.
At the same time I heard from three sources “Two Ahly fans and one Zamalek fan” that Mahmoud Taher was close to the intelligence and that he had connections in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Already we know very little about Taher and so this theory found its believer in no time. For God’s sake his wikipedia page is just made of one line only !!
Taher won in the end of the day. It was not a surprise.
Here are my favorite shots.
The UA07 Martyrs and above them the assholes running for positions

Young Voter !!

We will not forget you "to 72 or rather 74 UA07 Ultras martyrs"

Conscripts happy after receiving pens as a gift from the candidates' representatives 

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