Sunday, March 30, 2014

Imagine #Morsi doing that !?

After leaving the army to become the president of Egypt , SCAF chose new minister of defense and a new chief of staff.
Not surprisingly Newly promoted general Sedky Sobhi became the ministry of Defense. The new chief of staff was Major General Mahmoud Hagzy. Hagzy has been familiar face since 25 January revolution as he was among the SCAF faces speaking in the media as well the revolution youth.
Anyhow a surprise was waiting for us , we knew that Mahmoud Hegazy was actually the father in law of El Sisi’s son.
I have got a naive question I have to ask : Is it ok to appoint a chief staff who is related to a Presidential candidate in an upcoming presidential elections !? I think it is very naive question to be asked. Does it happen in other countries !? Because this actually raises questions about favoritism and bias in elections.

 Of course wicked people would say that El Sisi is making sure that the army would be under his control and that Sobhi won’t dare to have any kind of thought.
Interestingly Morsi accepted that Hegazy would come as head of intelligence when El Sisi was a minister of defense. This shows me how the MB trusted SCAF. Already I remember the uproar about Morsi’s son when he was appointed in Cairo airport as well the other uproar about how his daughter’s father in law was the head of Shura Council Ahmed Fahmy. Imagine that Morsi appoints a chief of staff who turns to be his son’s father in law !!!
Anyhow the Pro-Military supporters are claiming that after the upcoming 8 years of El Sisi and Nasserite Pro-Military Newspaper Sawt El Oma demanded that the Constitution would be amended so El Sisi would be the President for eternity.
Anyhow here is a very nice info-graph by Washington Institute about the faces of SCAF.

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  1. Not sure why you think Morsi's appointment means he trusted SCAF. The only real alternative from appointing somebody from the military establishment would have been to find a civilian from his own supporters, and somehow I doubt you'd have been keener on that.


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