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#KoftaGate : Dr. Strangelove or Trust Me I am a Doctor “Chapter-2” {Updated}

Meet Dr. and Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti , Our own Dr.Strangelove aka  the man who invented a device to cure not HCV but also AIDS in one of the controversial announcements of year 2014 in Egypt by none other than the Egyptian armed forces.
The first time I saw this thin man was in the international press conference organized by the army about the diagnose and treatment system of HCV and HIV they invented at the Engineering authority last Sunday.
The Press conference of the Egyptian armed forces about its treatment system
His memorable words in the documentary and the Press conference were unforgettable “Son you had AIDS and now it is gone”  and “ I took AIDS from the patient and returned it to him as Kofta” earned him to be number one in Egypt’ Memes online society this week.
Neither “Son you had AIDS” nor “ the Kofta” made me believe me that there was something wrong about this man as much the statements he gave to press later in the Press conference.
Major General Abdel Atti : I was abducted by the Egyptian intelligence
I was offered  $2 billion to sell this treatment, I accepted at first and I asked them “Who are they !?” to say that an Arab Muslim Scientist discovered this cure but they told me forget those words and take the check but I said NO.
Then the “Egyptian” intelligence protected me and abducted me bringing me here
After listening to these words it was clearly we are in front of one hell of character. The army did not deny or confirm this story nor did the journalists asked about whether it was or not. His story does not look consistent with the story of the army that the research for this cure started secretly in the military intelligence’s labs in the past 20 years !!
Abdel Atti and his team last Sunday
It is worth to mention that those who covered that press conference were not scientific journalists but rather military correspondents close to the Morale department.
Interestingly we had nothing about the background of Dr. Ibrahim at all unlike some members of his alleged medical team like Dr. Ahmed Mounes “son of Ali Mounes, the famous liver specialist” and Dr. Gamal Shiha. Nothing was published about the scientific career of that thin dark man at all.
Some said that we would know nothing about because he is an Army General but unlike those some even the doctors in the army are known. After all they are doctors who were graduated medical schools and then joined the army. Many of them got clinics and they receive civilian patients. One of our relatives is a Major General Surgeon who is extremely famous in his career as one of Egypt’s top surgeons in the past 40 years.
Abdel Atti wearing the uniform with doctors "Facebook"
One Tuesday we found out that Dr. Ibrahim is famous but not in Blood related diseases or Liver diseases but rather in alternative medicine thanks to Moatez Matar’s show on El Sharq TV channel.
El Sharq exposes Dr. Abdel Ati’s reality.
It turns out that Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti is herbs therapist who used to appear in religious TV channels to promote his medicine , treatment and etc. Al Nas TV channel and its sister channels have been closed since July 2013 for inciting hate and polarization as well lies. 
Some say that ElSharq TV channel is a Pro-MB channel. Well whether it is a MB channel or not it
exposed to us a lot. Later we knew that Dr. Abdel Atti was famous in his field and that he had a clinic in Haram that was closed by ministry of health in 2000 and another one Maadi but closed it recently for some legal reasons.
From 4 years ago we found out that a Saudi Columnist spoke about Chemist Abdel Ati criticizing his claim to cure incurable diseases like AIDS calling him Charlatan in Al Riyadh newspaper.
Well according to the Budge he is wearing , he is a not a Major General in the army but rather an Assigned Major General which means he is not a member of the armed forces. The rank “Assigned Major General” is usually given to people who did a great job to the country and to the army for instance like Major General and artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab after remixing our current National anthem.
In Egypt’s most visited women forum aka “Fatakat” , we found out that a forum message was posted in 2011 from a lady speaking about her husband who was suffering Psoriasis and his condition went from bad to worse after going to an alternative medicine doctor called ibrahim Abdel Atti in Maadi.
A copy from the post by @offthehookpain
Updated : 
A lawyer from Kafr El Sheikh revealed that the assigned Major General was sentenced three months in jail in 1991 for financial problems and in 2007 Abdel Atti was sentenced two months in jail for impersonating the identity of a doctor.
No comment from the army regarding these revelations at all. In fact all the Pro-Military kept and are defending madly Ibrahim and so called miraculous treatment.Facebook Post made by the members of his so-called team defended him using emotions as expected and not as science.
Last Wednesday we found an interview for Abdel Atti who revealed that he is not a physician but he is a doctor in chemistry and that he was graduated from the faculty of Science. The man said in that interview that he started working on that cure from the 1990s and that the secret of that cure won’t be revealed because it is the “secret of building the pyramids”.
Last Thursday Abdel Atti claimed on TV that European countries are calling him “The Conqueror of viruses” and strangely both TV hosts interviewing him on air , on phone approved what he said !!
Soon Military Egyptian Facebook pages and forums began to copy what they claim to be the CV of Dr. Abdel Atti in order to defend him. This is is the CV of Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Atti :
  • a Bachelor degree in Science from the the faculty of Science , University of Alexandria.
  • a Bachelor degree in Science from the faculty of Science , University of Seri Lanka “Which university in Seri Lanka !?”
  • a Bachelor degree in medicine from the faculty of medicine  University of Seri Lanka “Which university in Seri Lanka !?”
  • A Masters degree in Chemistry from Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology
  • a Bachelor degree in Alternative medicine from Columbia.
  • a Member in the American Board for Alternative medicine
  • Has got the license to practice Alternative medicine in Middle East
Alternative medicine !??????? and they got the guts for real to say it loud and proud  defending themselves. Man I hear the word “alternative medicine” and literality I feel my shoe !!!
How or what or what is connection between the army and alternative medicine therapist whom is considered a charlatan !? 
I do not know what A herb therapist who believes in alternative medicine did to the army to the level of giving him a Major General rank and a stage for this farce embarrassing Egyptians everywhere not only the Egyptian armed forces !!
This is a huge security breaching if you think about it.
If we had had a true parliament , a true accountability system and transparency , we would have been witnessing on TV now a whole hearing session on a how a charlatan was given a major general rank let alone turning playing with the hopes of the poor patients and turning the army in to a joke !! 
By the way Dr. Abdel Atti is extremely angry from Dr. Bassem Youssef, the heart surgeon/TV host and satirist for speaking about his invention in his popular TV show “El Bernmag”. Here is what Bassem and his team did. The episode in general was great.
Bassem Youssef–El Bernmag “Season 3- Ep4” : Liver , kofta and AIDs Meatball
The segment was a black comedy beyond imagination because Youssef showed us how ignorance is being celebrated officially in our channels. Already I was surprised to see that Dr. Abdel Atti’s medical team telling the public in TV talk shows that that the “CCD” or “The Complete Cure Device” does not only cure HIV, AIDS, Psoriasis ,Diabetes, heart diseases and Cancer !!!! Oh yes Cancer !!
What kind of doctors that team the army is proud of are they !? 
Youssef is continuing in raising the bar every weekend as far as I can tell spoke seriously in the end of the show this episode vowing to speak about that Treatment statement every week till we know whether it is for real or it is a cheap disgusting lie.
Bassem Youssef-El Bernmag “Season 3–Ep4” : Summarizing the AIDS Cure
Well Dr. Abdel Atti is saying that he will refer Bassem Youssef to a military trial . In Statements to Youm 7 last night he said that Youssef presented his coffin to him and that Essam Hagy’s statements encouraged Youssef and that the NASA researcher did not understand anything in SCIENCE !!
Needless to say since then the Pro-Military supporters are mad as usual not only from Bassem Youssef “who mocked ElSisi’s Soviet Jacket in the show” but also from Essam Hagy calling them Zionist American traitors ..etc.
I do not want to comment in this post but I am truly shocked on how all the big physicians in this country are silent in front of this farce !! This is an insult to medicine and the oath they took. Of course the only doctor who had the guts to speak about this matter publicly with no fear is Dr. Bassem Youssef.
Tomorrow is another chapter in this KoftaGate , an important one too.


  1. Fantastic , thanks for putting all the info in one place. What an embarrassment!!
    Some where else , he would be locked up in psychiatric hospital, for the grandiose and paranoid ideas.

  2. SCAF and many others need to be charged with not just killing protesters but also fraud. That is what is going on with this fictitious "cure". They also love to make up lies about Europe to try to equate their actions with what supposedly happened in that continent but there vision of what Europe is like does not exist.

    Hint: Protesters in Bosnia are not being gunned and killed.

  3. Sisisi,s Gate !!!
    What a Shame.

    This Is Egyptian Army Corps. Of Engineers, who Worked With US Army Corps. Of Engineers for over 30 years !!!

  4. Haha, "Dr." Atti reminds me very much of "Professor" Mohamed El Naschie. Good story.

  5. The Sri Lankan qualifications are probably remote learning from the Open University of Sri Lanka, but is does not offer a "Bachelor degree in medicine"

  6. Thank you lady for your full report. I'm an Egyptian doctor and I'm ashamed of this nonsense. That "Kota" doctor is a stigma for all Egyptian medical profession. Even his vulgar language which is consistent with the language of T.Okasha (Al-Oksh), A. Adeeb, Sama El-Masry, and a lot more of the vulgar scum that is present in the Egyptian media and now extended to medicine ! I think that all have to be tried, starting from the no-warrior field-marshal to those who are responsible for this official scandal !


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