Friday, February 28, 2014

#KoftaGate : Dr. StrangeLove or how We Cured AIDS and HCV “Chapter-1”

Last Saturday I had just opened my Facebook account to see that announcement by the official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali. “Here is the full translation.
“The Egyptian Armed Forces achieved the first breakthrough in treating Hepatitis C and AIDS Viruses” 
Inside the statement the following was : Judge Adly Mansour and Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi as well the prominent statement witnessed the latest Egyptian scientific and research breakthrough for the sake of humanity represented in inventing the first treatment system for HIV that can also eliminate Hepatitis C in a cost 10 times less than its foreign counterpart and with a success rate more than 90%.
Sisi and Mansour on Saturday "Army Spokesperson FB"
The men of the armed forces achieved a medical breakthrough by inventing devices to diagnose HCV and HIV patients with the need to take a blood sample from the patients receiving an immediate results in less cost. The patents of the invention was registered by the name of the Egyptian armed forces’ Engineering authority’s men after the permission of the ministry of health and population.Using the same theory , a new device was invented to diagnose Swine Flu and it proved its success in the Armed Forces Fever hospital with 90% success rate. It is expected that the same treatment system to examined on the Swine flu to get the same results achieved in the treatment of AIDS and HCV patients. It is planned to receive the patients after fulfilling the demands of the treatment whether in the domestic or foreign market. It is God’s will that the Egyptian armed forces achieve this unprecedented treatment contributing in treating untreatable diseases and help to reduce the pain of Egyptians .
I did not scroll down to see the photos and I though the page was hacked at first after all we got a claim that the armed forces reached to cure for the Hepatitis C “HCV” and HIV “AIDS” but then I found out that the page is not hacked and that the same claims were repeated in the photo album of the important inaugurations on that day. 
If you read the statement again you will know that army Spox was speaking about at least two devices , one device to diagnose not only HCV but also AIDS without blood analysis and another device that does not cure only HCV but also AIDS. A true scientific breakthrough that deserves a Nobel prize if it were true.
In few hours there was online storm of questions about this invention which was hailed by the Pro-Military in Egypt as the greatest thing ever madly.
Small search online we found that there is patent registered by the ministry of Defense in Cairo in December 2011 in World Intellectual Property Organization. According to the patent we found on SamoBrain its abstract “C-Fast”  is as follows :
It is a device for detecting chemicals and compounds such as solids , liquids , gases , organic and inorganic using the theory known as “Molecule signature” and features of human body. The device works pursuant to the Molecule signature theory using the Static energy resulted from the human body.  The device theory of the molecule signature was applied for detecting viruses causing the Swine Flu “H1N1” , epidemic Hepatitis C , Palm mite. 
The Device
So far you would notice that there was no mention for AIDS diagnosis yet there is a device indeed to so-called detect HCV and H1N1 using electromagnetic waves. According to the WIPO’s Patent , Colonel Ahmed Amin applied on behalf of the armed forces in March 2010.
Interestingly also Shorouk online found out that the International Searching Authorities and International Preliminary Examining Authorities following the WIPO published a small preliminary report online about its scientific opinion regarding this device and this what we find that it can not establish an opinion regarding the device’s novelty , inventive steps and industrial applicability.

In February 2013 The Guardian spoke about the diagnose device “C-Fast”about the diagnose device “C-Fast” {this is its name} in three reports. The first was a news report by Guardian’s correspondent in Cairo Patrick Kingsely  about the device while the second was a skeptic report was in the Guardian’s Science Blog by Síle Lane. Suzi Gage also wrote about skepticism regarding the C-Fast. I will quote her report’s abstract here because it summarizes a very important point.
Without any peer-reviewed evidence or an adequate explanation of how it works, scientists are rightly skeptical about a device that can diagnose hepatitis C remotely 
Kingsely’s photo for famous liver expert and doctor Gamal Shiha with the device was the only thing we had then. It gives an idea on the C-Fast looks like and it increases suspicion too.
The device in action "Feb2013 by Patrick Kingsely"
In April 2013 Scientific Blogger Pepijn van Erp who focuses on exposing pseudoscience in his blog drew people’s attention to resemblance to a fake bomb detector sold by British fraudster called Jim McCormick to Iraq. That fake bomb detector failed to do its job in Iraq causing people to die. McCormick was found guilty of fraud in April 2013. He also raised a point that the C-Fast Prototype presented at the International Live Congress 2013 by Dr. Gamal Shiha himself looked different than the one he appeared holding in the Guardian’s Photo.
What was shown in the ILC 2013
In nutshell the scientists in 2013 were extremely skeptics about the diagnose device.
In the same year a paper about the device was published in World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Journal which according to Wikipedia is a predatory publisher that publishes papers without peer review including hoax papers. I am amazed that such famous physician like Gamal Shiha would choose such journal if he believes in the authenticity and the success of that device.
Anyhow in this paper we find out that the “C-Fast” was allegedly examined successfully on three phases. Phase one was pilot in Egypt with 79 patients only while in second phase  in Egypt “One center with 800 patient” , India “two centers with 113 patients” and Pakistan “two centers with 92 patients” . The third phase was in Egypt where 1600 patients participated in the experiments. “Should not we have animals examined first !?”
Shorouk Online found out that Gamal Shiha and his team published a poster about the device “not a paper” in the famous Journal of Hepatology. Despite this is very respectable journal in the field of Live diseases yet what was published was a just a poster , more of a summary than a complete balanced study. 
Up till then in 2013 there was no talk about a cure for both HCV and HIV and yet we have got a lot to debate about. It is natural because after all we speaking Science here. It is interesting that there is no mention to any other physician than Dr. Gamal Shiha as head figure in that”C-Fast” debate. The ministry of defense and the government are only mentioned in two patents and the Poster in the journal.The tests of that device were not secret as since 2010 it was allegedly tested in two foreign countries and it was featured in the biggest conference for live diseases last years.
Last Sunday the Engineering Authority in the Armed Forces held a so-called an international press conference and let’s just say the Circus officially started from here.
Major General Abdullah Taher of Engineering Authority in the Egyptian armed forces announced to the whole world that the Egyptian armed forces invented 3 devices : “C-Fast” and “I-Fast” to diagnose HCV and HIV without blood examination as well the “CCD” Device to treat not only HCV but rather HIV aka AIDS without any implications in just 16 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Major General presented a short documentary to show the invention. From media perspective the documentary was a scandal of its own with its poor quality that does not suite the alleged most important breakthrough of the 21st century not to mention the armed forces’ capabilities.

It was like those segments used to be aired in the educational programs aired afternoon on National TV from ten years ago !!
I can make a better short documentary with my old HP Pavilion on Windows Movie Maker for real. In this documentary were introduced for the first time to the inventor of that treatment system Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti. The CCD Device was shown in the video.
Major General Abdel Atti claimed that said the HIV and Hepatitis C treatments had a 100 percent success rate.He was shown in the documentary telling some alleged HIV patient in some army hospital in some unforgettable words
Son you had AIDS and now it is gone !!
Abdel Atti showed up in the press conference revealing that he worked on that treatment secretly for 20 years in the military intelligence. During the press conference he said another memorable quote which inspired online tweeps to call the whole affair “#KoftaGate”
We conquered AIDS and I take the AIDS from the Patient and return it to him as Kofta “meat balls”

I will not speak about Major General/Dr. Abdel Atti who is actually the first Alternative medicine Physician in the Egyptian armed forces tonight , keep the suspense tomorrow insh Allah.
During the Press conference we found out that this alleged treatment system will be adopted in June 2014.
Despite Col. Ali’s first statement said that that invention would help humanity yet Major General Abdullah Taher of Engineering Authority announced that that treatment system would not be exported abroad for fear it would be stolen by the international pharmaceutical mafia and world powers !!!!
Well this selfish if you want my opinion , already why the Major General is really afraid to share this treatment with the whole world !? This can help in curing millions around the globe if it is to be true for God sake we claim to have a cure for one of the most deadliest viruses the earth has known and yet we refuse to share !?
It seems so and do not ask me why , ask Major General Taher or even the armed forces.
I am not a scientist and I do not understand biology but I know there is something wrong here. I am concerned with the hopes of nearly 20 million HCV patients in Egypt searching for cheap and true cure. This announcement of the army gave a lot of hope to those patients most poorly. It is not about the digenesis device but rather about the CCD Device that cures HCV and HIV.
A side note: I have not seen anything about this international press conference in Ali’s FB page at all when I find news about opening in an army bakery in Suez or blowing up a field hospital for militants in Sinai not to mention Ali’s own news about his lecture about the 4th generation war in Police academy. Nothing about that huge conference regarding what could be the biggest medical breakthrough in the 21st century.
Come back tomorrow for the rest of the saga in order Egypt’s own Dr. Strangelove aka Major General Abdel Atti.


  1. And here people were saying the MB made Egypt look backward. With the spy storks, terrorist puppets and aids curing meatballs I'm starting to seriously doubt the basic mental competence of Egypt's new rulers. In 2011 Egypt was inspiring and even helped motivate some protest movements here like Occupy. Now it's not just a dictatorship again, its a laughingstock. This is just another nail in the coffin of the Egyptian governments ability to be regarded as quite sane, let alone democratic or a model for anyone.

  2. In the first video when the patients are walking you can clearly see some transmitters plastered to their necks!!!! What a joke ...

    Also wtf is up with the music?? sigh, this is so bad someone deserves to be executed over it. If anything deserved to be taken to the court of national security its this fiasco!

  3. Nice Summary! You dropped some "r"s so it became live instead of liver

  4. Three possibilities here.

    1. Egyptian military is led by charlatans, hucksters, and fraudsters.
    2. Military is led by mentally ill generals, or enough that they outweigh the sane and rational ones.
    3. Both of the above are true.

    This is North Korea-grade lunacy. The country's elite are going insane.

    Revs need to be prepared for the probable next revolutionary wave in the near future.

  5. Ummm. ...FDA approval? Anyone thought of that? Anyone knows how long that best it takes 8 years to get FDA approval for any new treatment modality but more like 20-30 years....One out of every 100 new drugs make it successfully through the clinical trials which has three phases...very costly and lengthy process. .This is just unbelievable!!

  6. What the heck is happening in this country? Has everybody gone plum crazy? I do not understand it - what happened to rational discourse and science? Gone, totally gone??


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