Monday, March 17, 2014

#NoMiltrials : 3 years ..3 Regimes

This video is produced by No for military trials for civilians Campaign in the anniversary of its launch from 3 years ago.
No for Military trials : 3 years and it goes on ….
This video , simple produced video shows supporters of the campaign recounting in Arabic the cases of civilians , normal civilians who found themselves standing military trials in 3 years under 3 different regime.
I do no think no one can had imagined how important this campaign would and how it would make a huge difference not to mention how much we need this campaign especially now.
By the way I do not know if you know the news or not but Morocco is adopting a law to ban military trials for civilians. I hope I would write such news soon in Egypt.
It is worth to mention that since Constitution 2012 civilians in Egypt can stand military trials according to the Constitution.


  1. Not to be a wet blanket here but I think military trials are the least of your worries. If recent news is anything to go by, the civilian courts are at least as willing to throw people in jail for political crimes.

  2. Any society wishing to develop true democracy and protection of human rights must completely separate the military from politics. An impermeable, impenetrable barrier must keep the two from mixing together. Militaries, being parasitic and bureaucratic, are one of the worst human inventions to ever appear. The damage they inflict has to be kept as limited as possible, so long as they continue to persist as a feature of human civilization.

  3. With all due respect David Walker, how would we possibly know when we don't live there and have to suffer that kind of abuse?

    1. I may not be living in Egypt now but I talk to people who do and I read. It's a matter of public record that 20,000+ political prisoners are being held and that only a tiny fraction of them are there because they were convicted in a military court. Ending military trials isn't the same thing as ending arbitrary arrest, torture or trumped-up charges.

  4. Are they pounds or piesters? and what does the guy who counts them say on the video?


    Interesting stuff. Keep it up.

  6. If this was Latin America or many other parts of the world, the left would be well on track in kicking the military's arse. Coup dictatorships fall once it becomes widely realized that they cannot win elections but cannot survive either through indefinite postponing of elections or continuously rigging them.

    There has never been, and never will be, a military dictatorship that has a clue about intelligent economic policy.


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