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#EndSH : And Actually this represents a bitter Reality in #Egypt "Updated"

Shoft T7rosh “I saw Sexual Harassment” reported a very alarming mob sexual harassment incident  on Monday.
The grassroots group fighting sexual harassment problem in Egypt issued a statement on the incident that took place in Cairo University. Yes a mob sexual harassment incident took place from two days in my university , the biggest State owned University Egypt ; Cairo University.
Here is the statement :
“I saw sexual harassment” campaign followed a mess harassment incident involving one of the girls inside Cairo University’s campus , specifically in Faculty of law.Tens of students gathered around one of the girls near the faculty of law on Sunday 16 March 2014 where they sexually harassed in different way starting with verbal harassment and physical harassment till the attempt to rip her off her clothes.
The girl then hided at ladies room. The incident did not end except when the administrative security of the university interfered and led the girl out where as the mob continued to gather around her harassing her verbally and filming her. This is not the first
By Makhlof
case of its kind as Egyptian female students face sexual harassment as well sexual abuses in the campus.
“I saw harassment” demanded the ministry of higher education as well Egyptian universities to facilitate the work of its volunteers in protecting the girls from sexual harassments. The Campaign also published two testimonies from eye witnesses about the incident. They mentioned on a how blond girl wearing provoking colors turn the Campus outside down.
Few hours ONTV discussed the incident in one of its shows “a girls related show” where they spoke with the Dean of Cairo University Dr. Gabar Nassar. They also showed a clip from the incident showing the girl walking away from the Campus.
ONTV : Mob sexual harassment inside Cairo University campus
Interestingly the Dean announced the girl was wearing out of the ordinary attire “extremely bright color” and that she was wearing a black Abbaya and changed it when she arrived the campus provoking the male students. He also announced that both the girl and boys would be referred to a disciplinary committee !!
Yup the educated Dean of Cairo University blames the girl , the victim.
As a Cairo university graduate I feel that Dr. Gabar Nassar has not walked in the Campus for a long time to see the “Out of ordinary attire” for real !!!Amazingly the ONTV host agreed with Dr. Nassar.
Knowing how bad he looked like after meeting a storm of angry comments online , Nassar backtracked his statements on Twitter. He said that the girl was not referred to disciplinary committee. He also added that he was misunderstood and he did not justify the sexual harassment.

Updated on 19.3.2014 
Dean Nassar issued an official statement apologizing and admitting that he made a mistake when he spoke about the girl's outfit.
Couple of hours later we found on Rotana Masriya TV channel TV host Tamer Amin unleashed a disgusting attack against girl blaming her and her family for wearing such “inappropriate” outfits.
Tamer Amin and the inappropriate outfit
According to Mr. Amin , university student should wear different outfits than belly dancers and prostitutes  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excuse me !?
Following angry twitter campaigns “Boycott Rotana Masriya” and “Tamer Amin is a sexual harasser” on Sunday , the TV channel issued a statement.

We followed the reactions regarding what TV host Tamer Amin said angrily last night regarding the sexual harassment incident in Cairo university. It should be noticed that what Amin said last night was misunderstood and inaccurate that he would never justify sexual harassment in any way.
Later Tamer Amin also backtracked from what he said and claimed that he did not justify sexual harassment but he only meant that there are certain outfits for certain places !!
Youm 7 website also showed a clip for the incident under this title “The Cairo University Barbie’s sexual harassment” !! Ahram’s Women magazine “Nisf El Donia” website called the victim as “Barbie” too !!
I do not know what to say about “Barbie !!”
Moving to the TV host/Comedian Ibrahim El Garhy and his amazing view about the incident.
I watched the video of the sexual harassment of that student in Cairo university and regardless anything I believe those boys who harassed her should be inspected and studied as well to be interrogated in order to know how on earth they would be sane and harass a girl who dyed her blonde wearing a phosphoric pink sweater.
I do not know how this can be funny for Mr. El Garhy or his fans.
What Nassar , Amin and Youm 7 or Garhy said and did was actually a bitter reality for how many people if not the majority in Egypt regard women and sexual harassment. It is just disgusting and frustrating. We live in misogynist sexist society , it is a fact we have to deal with it. This incident proves this like hundreds one before
I am extremely angry. I am angry from the incident itself , angry that it happened in my university and angry from those men speaking in the media about objects called women.
A bitter reality indeed.


  1. I saw the video on ONTV AND heared the Dean Dr. Nassar's Interview.

    Did this girl went to the University to learn or just to show up and get this kind of attention for one reason or another.

    I was teaching at the University in Egypt, and never seen this kind of behaviour on campus or outside the Campus.

    Islam teach us to be modest and conservatives when we dress.

    Also, in your post you stressed the fact you are U of Cairo graduate !!!! So, what difference that make ?

    1. ...are you retarded? Like...actually. Did you understand her point at all?? Let me lay it out simply for you.




      We will all live better lives if people like you keep your opinions to yourself.

    2. I was at Cairo Univ. in the sixties and lot of girls colleagues dressed in mini-skirts , students may have looked at them but I can't recall single event with insult or even verbal harassment. I even recall two girls wore headscarf by their own choice . BTW one of those scarfed girls was very charming and befriended others with mini-skirts . She became Cairo university professor. Comparing this story today and what I remember of the past clearly tell me how Egypt today went backward .

    3. Same here. I went to Cairo U late 60s/early 70s. The norm was complete respect to female students, mostly in mini skirts. In fact, hijab was a new fad, and we used to admire Kariman Hamza, the pretty veiled TV ancorwoman. The daughter of one of my respected professor was a the lead dancer in the popular "Reda Group" (Farida Fahmy). What is most depressing, to me, is that the so-called liberal middle-class in Egypt is the lead player in dragging this Country backward!

    4. This generation Mustafa should learn something from what you and I described the societal picture of Egypt, in the sixties and the seventies. Since we claim Egyptians moved in the 21st century to scarfing women , out of religious adherence to modesty, that implies that we were less religious then. How can the Egyptian society today explain the males behaviours in this video versus our behaviours in the less religious time of our sixties and the seventies!!! ? Sad time for Egypt, and I agree with you 100% of what the Egypt middle class is leading the country into!.

    5. I think there should be a squad of women armed with scissors who snip snip the problem away when men act like animals because only one organ seems to be controlling their mind and it is not their brain

  2. I suppose if you dress in a manner designed to arouse attention you can't really complain when you succeed. If you wear clothes designed to catch men's eyes you can't get too upset if you turn a few heads or people try flirting with you, that's sort of how we are wired.

    However, that shouldn't override NO. If a woman makes it clear she isn't interested you can't plead how she is dressed over what she says. This clearly goes well beyond just flirting or turning heads and should not be tolerated, nor is it the woman's fault. As a young man myself, we can do better and this is simply NOT acceptable behavior.

    Also, at least here, that's not really considered provocative dress. I suppose that's somewhat culturally relative but here that's not what I would consider dressing to provoke sexual interest.

  3. Anon commented "ITS NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS WHAT ANY GIRL WEARS!" Well that is patently wrong. But we need to understand why. Misogyny is a curse and it afflicts many men worldwide. The rules should be the same for men and women. However there are rules. No sane person defends anyones right to walk naked in the streets for instance. Natural modesty is the issue Where to draw the line is a matter for each individual and culture. Laws and mores governing that will then evolve. For better or worse we are social animals and we need to respect social mores and laws. Change and revolutionary ideas should be accomodated and respected but attention seeking twits should be seen for what they are. Sadly this silly attention seeking woman has set back the case of serious feminists in Egypt who interpret their rights in the cultural and islamic/christian framework of the country. We want condementation of harrassment whatever form it takes. We want the irreligious twits who pinch bottoms to know Islam condems their behaviour as abuse. Idiots like this girl just give them an excuse for their behaviour. They will say "she wants it" as she clearly wants the attention. Sneaking into the campus to disrobe proves she simply did it for attention.

    1. Its interesting to read these comments from someone who pretends to be a woman. Even if you take your argument to the extreme, " anyone's right to walk naked in the streets", it remains a matter for the law enforcers to deal with , the University security in this case. It remains none of their freaking business.

  4. Well first of all I think we can all agree one hundred percent that those boys got overenthusastic in their apreciation of her attractiveness, her womanly charms if you will. So much so that she became uncomfortable, and that is unfortunate and reprehensible to the utmost degree. Say what you will about her wardrobe, whether it was apropriate attire for a law school, we can agree or disagree about that. But I think we can all agree those young men got carried away.

    But before we put ALL the blame on those young gentlemen just trying to mind their studies and then suddenly THAT sashays by. Come ON people, get real.

  5. Anonymous_girl3/20/2014 05:54:00 PM

    Long time I ago, I watched a movie called Cairo Time. In a scene, a group of young men were following a blong American lady- which I believed was a product of very Orientalist perspective. This unpleasent video sadly reminds me of that scene. Any kind of justifying cannot be acceptable. How much I wish to see that one day in all these Middle Eastern countries (including Turkey), we will teach the ugly sides of these behaviors not only to our girls but also to our boys.


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