Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Presidential Palace Sit in : Day 2

And the second day of the presidential palace sit in against the protest law passed peacefully.
Today the women activists were joined a group of protesters who formed a human chain in front of the presidential Palace. The protesters in the human chain held the photos of the detainees like Abdullah Shamy , Peter Greste and Amr Raba’I {Who has been missing suddenly with no truce} demanding their release as well the annulment of the protest law.
Tomorrow afternoon Freedom for the Brave campaign will hold a press conference to declare its plan for the April 26. Supposedly revolutionary powers are organizing a big rally on that day to the presidential palace. By the way so far no political party declared its support to this sit in.
Down with the protest law "By Mahmoud Salmani"

Here are a slide show from the human chain and sit in earlier. There were familiar faces in the human chain like the famous calligraphy and singer Ramy Essam.

I need to clarify some points :
  • This is a symbolic sit in
  • It is better to have a small controlled sit in now than a big sit in.
  • No woman was kicked out of this sit in unlike what some MB members and sympathizers outside Egypt claimed.
  • Nourhan Hefzy issued a statement regarding her quotes about Muslim Brotherhood yesterday.
What I said regarding kicking out any MB member from the Muslim Brotherhood came as a response to the allegations that the MB ordered the MB sisters to join and support the sit in. I did not kick any detainee's mother or family from the sit in.
By the way regarding journalist Abdullah Shamy who has been on a food strike for 93 days, well the court adjourned his case to 3 May 2014. Since the dispersal of Rabaa sit in in August 2013, El Shamy who works as Al Jazeera news correspondent and was covering the sit in has been detained with no charge.

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