Thursday, April 24, 2014

They Say that the silly play Does not need a satirist TV host but it does actually coz it is silly !!

From several weeks ago TV host and satirist Bassem Youssef made it clear that his show “ElBernmag” would stop for two weeks only starting from April 18th, 2014.
Youssef made it clear also that he made such announcement in order to avoid gossip and so on. He also made it clear that the show would stop during the holy month “Ramadan”

Now Last  Saturday MBC Misr TV channel made another announcement that the show would be stopped for a whole month in order not to influence voters in the upcoming presidential elections.
Yes MBC is concerned that Youssef and his show would influence the voters in the upcoming presidential elections ; the upcoming presidential elections which everyone in Egypt knows its result in advance.

Of course Youssef hinted out  indirectly in the past episodes those elections were farce and eventually El-Sisi would win. We all know that in Egypt and many politicians admit that El Sisi is the next President of Egypt so I do not know how Bassem Youssef would influence the voters again.
It seems that the Sheikh Al-Walid Ibrahim , the owner of MBC group is concerned that El-Sisi may get mocked before being a president !!
The MBC statement is just another part of this farce attempting to make it serious where as it is so so so so so lame and silly.
Does MBC consider the segments Youssef dedicates in his show to the El-Sisi Mania would influence the voters !? Already many criticize Bassem Youssef for ignoring the big guy El-Sisi himself even after leaving the army and running for the presidential elections.
These presidential elections we have got in 2014 are just typical silly play we used to have in the Arab countries. They are so dull and not funny , Youssef and his crew could make it much funnier by showing the hypocrisy of the Pro El-Sisi TV hosts.
You know I feel that boundaries are being set again around the president’s position after that year of Morsi’s rule where it was normal to mock him.


By the way Bassem Youssef did not stop his show in 2012 during the real presidential elections we had then with multiple candidates !! They were from his best episodes ever.
It turned out that "ElBernmag" was suspended for two months during the Presidential elections as Bassem Youssef left ONTV for CBC.
Interestingly the Pro El-Sisi supporters are claiming that after the field marshal becomes a president , “ElBernmag” show will be stopped and Youssef will be arrested !!
Big Mouth Mortada Mansour also claims that he was standing behind the decision to stop “ElBernmag” for whole month.
The infamous lawyer is claiming that Youssef’s show was stopped forever on MBC Misr because he talked to the Saudi Ambassador and Saudi officials.
Of course I would raise a point that it is very interesting to find the Saudi officials including the Saudi Ambassador listening to someone like Mortada Mansour.
Anyhow I think Youssef got a B plan which is DW channel-Arabic


  1. It is mind boggling that there can still be any support base at all for a mass murdering terrorist like Sisi. No one of education can possibly seem him as some kind of Egyptian savior.

    The faster the next revolution comes, the better.

  2. Bassem is a wuss, plain and simple! I used to have great deal of respect for this guy and kept making up excuses for him but everytime he bends over and take it. If a person with such an international popularity and support is afraid to stand up to this regime like he always did then he doesn't have the right to mock other simple people for sucking up to Sisi as a mean of survival . You got the whole world behind you and you didn't even get close to criticizing the new butcher in chief. I still watch his show, but now I think of him just as a comedian or an entertainer, nothing more. Before someone says that's what the show is really about or that he didn't pretend to be something else, I advise you to watch his CNN interview that was conducted months ago.

    P.S., what did you do with Bastawisi? I started to miss him.

  3. Replies
    1. Bassem always had options but unfortunately, he doesn't have the balls to go through with any of them.

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