Friday, April 25, 2014

Presidential palace Sit in : Day “3”

And the ladies at the presidential palace sit decided to suspend it today and tomorrow Friday because of the Muslim Brotherhood’s weekly protests on Friday.

The ladies will return to the Presidential Palace in a big rally organized by 9 political powers and movements against the Protest law on Saturday.

Among the movements participating in the rally : Freedom for the Brave , No For military trials, Revolutionary Socialists and April 6 Youth. This was announced in a press conference on Thursday in front of the presidential palace.

Here are photos from what happened on Thursday.

Not only political parties were absent but I believe there was not enough media coverage as well. This movement against the protest is not as interesting as Haifa’s film as it seems.

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  1. With 20 of them its no wonder the media isn't all over it. Excluding the MB is probably pandering to the regime, after all if you allow them your masters won't allow you to sit there. You know, the people who actually ran a democracy instead of complaining that the military regime should focus on killing those scummy, poor, primitive Islamists instead of bothering sophisticated people like us.

    I'm not even Muslim but the MB has impressed me with its courage and commitment to non-violence in very trying conditions. The 'revolutionary' camp has impressed me with it disorganization and total lack of political sense. It totally failed to organize for elections, getting outdone by the 'primitive' Salafis. Then it begged for a coup and acted shocked when it got one. Now it is trying to suck up the regime, protest it and justify its behavior on July 3 all at once. And those things can't be done at the same time.


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