Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RIP Bassem Sabry (1982-2014)

Bassem Sabry , my friend has passed away. You knew him as Tweep, Blogger , Speaker , Producer and Writer but I know him as a person and a friend.He once told me that dreamers could change the world. I know that he did his best to change the world around him to a better place.
May Allah bless his soul.

"this photo is made by our friend Ibrahim Gamal El-Din"


  1. May Allah bless his soul.

  2. Allah (swt) ya Rhamo wa Yahsen Aliah.

    How did he fell from the balacony of his office ?!

    1. I don't think it was "accident" he fell from his balacony.....

    2. This is an outrage, has anyone spoken to the police regarding this matter? Is there any way of getting more information as to the cause of this?

      This really doesnt add up, someone please tell me that there will be some kind of investigtion launched over this, or at least someone could shed some light on what happened, the explination given so far is unacceptable.

  3. May he R.I.P. We heard good things about his character, a great soul, I'm sure he will be missed by many. :(

  4. Dear Bassem,

    I agree with you "that dreamers could change the world" !!
    The day will come when Tahrir will be "packed" again . . .
    and the Revolution "is back" !!

    We can learn a lot from you! I will not forget you!

    Rest in peace, Bassem!
    Pit, paintmyblues

  5. Could you please let know Bassem Sabry Blog?

  6. Would you pls let know Mr. Sabry's blog? We need to learn from him, Cheers!


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