Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#SaveFustat : Save the Excavation Works

Here are some photos for the excavation works in the old archaeological site of El Fustat City , Egypt’s first Capital under the Islamic role. These excavation works were made by a French archaeological mission which stopped its work because of the current security situation. (Photos taken in 2012 by Conservation architect Omneya Abdel Barr"
In case you do not know  that archaeological city is going to be transferred in to a garden by Cairo governorate and the ministry of antiquities is ok with that.
As you can see the remains of the Fustat city were built by mud and thus turning this area in to a garden
By the way aside from “Save Cairo” and its fantastic restless founder Sally Soliman , no one else is speaking about the matter. By “No one else” I mean “political powers and parties” as well “Civil society”.
Only from two days ago Egyptian Creativity Front , which was founded by a group of artists and intellectuals during the days of Morsi to protect the Egyptian identity issued a statement slamming Cairo governorate and the ministry of antiquities demanding them to stop what they are doing.

Other than that complete silence.
I do not hear the same outcry I heard before regarding the fate of the Islamic museum or that some of our Islamic antiquities were found suddenly in Qatar Islamic Museum !!
Again I wish our activists , our intellectuals and our people make more noise regarding the future of that important area representing our history, the history of Egypt. Fustat is part of our Egyptian identity.

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