Friday, April 18, 2014

The photos and the Cartoon of the day

This photo or rather series of photos were the most shared photos in my twitter timeline , they had to be the photos of the day.
From Anadoulu News agency

The president on a wheel chair
The photos of Algerian president Abdel Aziz Bouteflika heading to cast his vote in Polling station in the presidential elections on a  wheel chair along with his brother and his little nephew.
The Bouteflika "AFP"

His brother is believed to be the real ruler of Algeria and the next ruler of Algeria as well. 
In case you do not know the old Algerian president is running for a fourth presidential term in Algerian. It is an irony.
Ironically the Algerian ruling regime learned from the mistakes of other Arab regimes that fell in the Arab Spring. After what happened in 2011 , the Algerian regime kept saying in the media there that what happened in Tunisia , Libya, Egypt , Yemen and Syria  was a foreign conspiracy and of course what happened in those countries from implications helped them.
Then came the 3 July 2013 in Egypt and Bouteflika learned a lesson from Egypt , he made changes in the army and military intelligence.
Of course when you speak about Algeria , you can not ignore the civil war there between the military and the Islamists.
In case you do not know there are growing movement of youth opposition taking place in Algeria. It is a steady one considering the iron fist of security there as well the iron curtain imposed on the media. There are protests taking place in Algerian states , some of them find their way to YouTube while others do not.
As we have the photos of the day , we got the cartoon of the day representing the reality of the Arab world now.

I just fear we end up with another Bouteflika in Egypt with that stupid presidential cult of El Sisi and army support.
We got three presidential elections in three Arab countries : Algeria, Egypt and Syria. All of them are charades where the candidates are just a continuation of rotten old decaying criminal regimes.


  1. I Agree. It is Obvious.

    Thank you for the Article.

  2. Just discovered your site. I'm with you from the bottom of my heart. for you are freedom warriors trying to survive in a world (the arab-muslim world) made of obscurantiism, corruption and hate. You are the ones which belive that our honor doesn't depend on the Jews or the Dalai Lama. Our honor dépends only of ourselves.


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