Saturday, April 5, 2014

#Syria : the Bigger Photo From #Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Last March the world spoke about that photo from Yarmouk Refugee camp in Damascus Syria showing long queues in order to get food.
Waiting for food
Well that photo is just the tip of the ice-berg from there.
There are more shocking photos from
Chris Gunnes , the UNRWA spokesperson published on his twitter account for weeks now a series of photos by activist and photographer Ramy El Sayyid. It is part of online exhibition that it called “Cry from the heart : The Children of Yarmouk

 Up till now the refugee camp UNRWA finds it hard to distribute food in the camp or rather the city to be precise. Starvation has killed hundreds in the Yarmouk camp from civilians. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are stuck there.
You must know that the Syrian authorities “the saint patron of Palestinian rights” did not give UNRWA the right to access to the camp for 4 days last weeks till Friday. 
It is like a double price the Palestinian refugees have to pay away from their home.
You can help Yarmouk Camp and UNRWA in General through donations.
By the way here is a video showing the food distribution in the camp uploaded on YouTube last December.
Food distribution in Yarmouk “December 2013”

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  1. I'm feeling so sad to see these pictures, the syrian peoples live through so agonized. their face show us how frustrated they are.


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