Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Can Someone Call the Government and tell them That #Taba needs help

And Taba has been isolated and drowning since the heavy rain and floods last weekend and the government is in another world.
For nearly three there has been no electricity or water or food. Only today we began to see footage and photos from there.

In Taba after the heavy rains and floods
This video was shot by Mostafa Ammar who works in Taba. He filmed that clip while sitting over a rooftop along with other people.

He also took those photos for the aftermath of the heavy rains and floods
At one of the resorts "Mostafa Ammar"
At one of the resorts "Mostafa Ammar"

Here are videos filmed at Taba Heights resort This one is filmed by Michael Micheal
And another one from the same resort
Here are couple of photos showing the size of destruction in Taba Heights resort by Michael Micheal , it is scary. Huge losses without doubt .
Taba heights "Michael Micheal"
Taba heights "Michael Micheal"
Taba heights "Michael Micheal"
Here is another video shot there at Marriott Taba resort.

Flood in Marriott Taba hotel
The Marriott hotel is terribly damaged. Here are more photos from ONTV reporter Mohamed El-Kholy
One of the rooms in the Marriot Taba hotel
"Mohamed El-Kholy"
One of the Bedouins' houses "Mohamed El-Kholy"

Opening a blocked highway on Monday
"Mohamed El-Kholy"
The Taba-Sharm highway !!
"Mohamed El-Kholy"
At one of the resorts "Mohamed El-Kholy"
Taba highway "Mohamed El-Kholy"
Some highways like Taba-Nuweiba were cut due to the floods and its aftermath. Some highways were closed for 5 days.We are speaking about huge financial losses. Man it is like we are cursed in tourism now.

Of course what happened in this year’s heavy rains and floods makes us ask some important questions about the urban planning of the cities and highways in Egypt in general. It seems that the highways and resorts are built in the flood plains !!!

Now the torrents' courses are well known for instance in Upper Egypt and also geological experts so I wonder why the governorates whether in the Red Sea or South Sinai allowed tourism development companies to built their hotels and resorts on flood plains when they know we have heavy rains and floods from time to time !!

Already it turns out that the Bedouins in South Sinai got their own proverbs about the dangers of the floods and heavy rains !!
As usual we are reactive and not proactive.

By the way the Governor of South Sinai appeared on TV from couple of days and said that everything was fine !!

Another thing the delay in sending supplies and help to cities like Taba , I think this is why we need less centralization when it comes to the local government in Egypt. This is why we need true governmental officials and governors who really can act in emergencies and know exactly what they have to do not to wait orders from Cairo.
This is why we meant local council and governor’s positions to be truly elected. This is why also I do not like governors from military background who are waiting orders.


  1. "Tourism Is Cursed In Egypt" ......

    Where the photos and imediate recovery actions of the new Egyptian Satalite ??!!

    They are just in a Military file archive

    Ha !!!"

  2. Wonderful photos, historic for the future generation! My congratulations to Mustafa Ammar. I hope it gets better sooner than later for Egyptians.

  3. It looks in some as though it's the Moses movie, 10 commandments and the drowning of the armies. Is it the Red Sea OR the Nile?


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