Sunday, May 25, 2014

Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 For Dummies

Hours and the Egyptian presidential elections 2014 race will kick off across the country. This is a simple detailed dummies guide for the presidential elections 2014 edition :
Voters in polling stations "Presidential elections 2012"
  • The first stage of the presidential elections will be held next 26-27 May “two days” across the country. 
  • The number of electorate is estimated to be 53,909,306 million eligible votes in 2014.
  • This election is monitored by judiciary. Not less than 16,000 judges will be deployed all over the country to supervise on the election process in the polling stations.
  • There are more than 25343 polling stations this year. 
  • This year the race is between Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabahi and it is not a big secret that El-Sisi is likely to win.
  • El-Sisi has already won the Expats’ vote with nearly 95% unlike his Nasserite rival who got only 5% of the votes of Egyptians abroad.
  • Unlike other elections in the history of Egypt , this election is being observed by several international and local NGOs.
  • The international observers we are speaking about here are : EU Observers Mission , African Union , Arab League , Transparency International and Democracy International.
  • Not less than 79 local NGOs are monitoring this elections.
  • The final and official results of the Presidential elections will be announced next 5 June 2014.
  • If there are any runoffs , it will be held next 16-17 June. “It won’t happen”
  • The army and police are securing the elections and polling stations. 
  • The army is deploying 181,909 officer, soldier and conscript to polling stations. 
  • The army urges the people not to bring bags or park cars outside the polling stations
  • The main political movements and parties boycotting the presidential elections are Strong Egypt Party , April 6 Youth , Muslim Brotherhood and its Pro-Legitimacy coalition "Including Al Wasat Party".
    During April 6 Youth Movement Press declaring their position
  • The main political parties and movements endorsing Hamdeen Sabahi are Popular Current , Constitution Party , Misr El-Horreya Party , El Adl Party , Socialist Popular alliance Party as well Bread and Freedom. 
  • The main political parties endorsing Abdel Fattah El-Sisi are Free Egyptians party , Al Wafd Party , Al Tagammou and the NDP off-shoots parties as well Retired army officers parties. 

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