Sunday, May 25, 2014

This is a lot of noise in the electoral silence time

We are supposedly in an electoral silence period but it seems that this is only on paper and in some TV channels and newspapers only.
In streets the big posters and banners mostly of El-Sisi  are still there along with the very few rare posters and banners of Hamdeen Sabahi.

The electoral silence means that every presidential campaign should remove all sort of campaigning and advertising including billboards, posters and banners.

Of course El-Sisi’s huge multi-million billboards are still there. The Pro-El-Sisi posters and banners are still hanged besides polling stations In Mohendessin, Giza and Downtown Cairo.  The ones I saw in my way in the past 48 hours are hanged by the Free Egyptians Party , Al Wafd Party and a NDP off-shoot party The Egyptian Movement Party.
I snapped those photos for Al Wafd Party and Free Egyptians Party in Boulaq Abu Ela area in Downtown Cairo and El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz street in Giza.
El Wafd Party in Boulaq Abu Ela 

El-Sisi pyramids by Free Egyptians Party 

In Batal street, Giza 
October bridge is still full of El-Sisi posters and those few poor Sabahi’s banners between them.
Here are photos from Shayfeencom “The Egyptian Association for Public’s observation” on twitter for some examples about that fake silence. 
Free Egyptians banner "Shayfeencom"
In Mostafa Mahmoud square "Ali Sakr" 
Of course when you analyze these big banners , you will find many of them are made and hanged by businessmen and merchants as well shop owners in order to show their new loyalty to the new strong man of Egypt.
The famous Hilton Ramses El-Sisi poster 
Even the merchants who break the law in Downtown Cairo by occupying the streets with their merchandise and their street vendors are showing their loyalty to El-Sisi. What I hear about those merchants that they are forced to do so by the orders of the police and municipals.

Of course when it comes to the empire of street vendors in Downtown Cairo and their patrons , it is not a big secret that those street vendors are left in certain areas in order to attack any opposition protest like the one that took yesterday.

Anyhow back to the scene in Cairo. To be honest it reminds with the Mubarak presidential elections with 2005. In fact many of the Pro-El-Sisi banners got that hypocrisy of NDP cronies.

By the way many of El-Sisi posters are now being stained by red paint as symbol of blood. To be honest I do not know whether the Muslim Brotherhood supporters or "Against You" Revolutionary youth movement behind it.

"Against You" is a new movement made of April 6 Youth Movement 'Both front' , Revolutionary way and Revolutionary Socialists along other movements with one goal to stand against El-Sisi.The movement is a start for a new opposition front against the Field Marshal. So far they depend on protesting stand and distributing flyers and painting flyers. 

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