Thursday, June 12, 2014

#Egyptian Presidential elections : The Biggest winner of all is not #ElSisi or #Sabahi

In the Egyptian presidential elections the biggest winner is not Abdel Fattah El-Sisi , the bigger winner of the presidential elections are those spoiled their votes aka the spoilers “Yeah I will call them the spoilers”. DSC07415

Yes according to the official results “The spoilt votes”  scored the second place in the elections “1,036,410 votes” in one of the biggest surprises in this election. Yes the spoilt votes scored more than Hamdeen Sabahi did as he got only “740,304 votes”  

The founder of the Popular Current who was the wining horse of the presidential elections 2012 first stage did not even get one million votes. Now there was an online joke that El-Sisi is going to have the runoffs along with Mr. Spoilt Votes.

Let’s leave Sabahi and his votes and let’s go for Egypt’s newest voting bloc aka The spoilers. I know that they may seem insignificant but to score more than the second rival in the elections this means something.

I know many of the spoilers , they appeared in the Presidential elections 2012 runoffs between Morsi and Shafik and mostly they are from the revolutionary camp. Compared to the Presidential elections 2012 runoffs , there is an increase in the spoilt votes. In 2012 when I visited several polling stations , observers and officials used to tell me that most youth used to spoil their votes.

This election in 2014 it is no longer youth who are spoiling their votes, I found many people decided to spoil their votes even from the Non-Revolutionary camp because simply they are not convinced with both candidates whether El-Sisi or Hamdeen.

The spoilers usually go and spoil their votes instead of boycotting altogether because they are worried that their votes would be rigged.

Usually the spoilt votes are considered unintentional in most of the time but this election , it seems that they are more than intentional considering the messages written on the ballot papers. You will find funny comments to political comments.

You will find Pro-revolutionary comments supporting revolutionary activists currently in prison like Mahienour El-Masry as well Pro-Mubarak regime supporters who believe that Former Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik is the legitimate president of Egypt.

By the way many of the spoilt votes in Alexandria called for Mahienour’s freedom.

Of course there is a bigger bloc I see growing once again which is the boycotters bloc.

Despite that the number of eligible voters in 2014 increased by more than 3 million voters in 2012 elections , those who went to cast their ballot papers in this year’s elections is less than those cast their ballot papers in 2012 despite the huge media campaign to urge the people to vote , extending an extra day and threats of imposing fine. {Imposing fine made many people , especially poor elderly go to the polling stations by the way}

Main reasons of boycotting the elections in Egypt are well known : Indifference and the fact that many people live and work in governorates other than the governorates they registered at as voters. Yet in 2014 there were other reasons. You got the Islamist bloc “From the Muslim Brotherhood mainly” boycotting this election along many revolutionaries. Also many people felt that there was no need to go and to vote when it was already known for everybody that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

Here is a chart showing a comparison between the eligible voters , total votes and correct votes as well spoilt votes in Presidential elections 2012 and 2014


By the way I prefer people to go and to spoil their votes than to boycott the elections like the day of Mubarak. Spoiling their votes show that they still follow politics and want to share in their own way instead of being indifferent and passive. I could be wrong but this is how I look to it.

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