Saturday, June 14, 2014

#EndSH : The protest , the Media and the security are here too

From couple of hours ladies as well men joined a protest against Anti-Sexual harassment phenomenon in Egypt.
It was a small protest compared to the fact that not less 13,000 people said that they would go on the Facebook’s event page for a whole week. According to a friend who went and attended the protest , the number of journalists and TV channels were more than the protesters. It is sad. Of course when you read the FB event page , you will find fights and endless debates.
Of course several women’s NGOs and activists said that they would not go after the announcement of the National council for Woman “NCW” would go.
Those NGOs and activists made it clear that they did not forget on how the NCW ignored all their pleas and their activities against sexual harassment in the past three adopting the state’s position to ignore the whole thing.
It is true and actually the NCW did not and has not real recognized that there was a real problem in Egypt , instead it is blaming some entities of spreading that behavior in order to intimidate women and defame Egypt’s image.. to the end of that talk. Of course when they speak about  entities they speak about the evil Muslim Brotherhood.
Anyhow we leave the NCW and the activists, already their absence for real was the reason on why less people showed up than what was expected. Interestingly two things happened in this rally. The first thing a taxi driver passing by the protester sexual harassed one of the ladies and you can imagine what happened. He was arrested.
Two feminist activists have been arrested too while participating in the protesting for holding Anti-MOI’s sexual violence banners during the licensed protest. Allegedly they were arrested for holding banners with slogans that have not been approved. Those activists are Nader Osman and Hermas Fawzy.
One of the two activists by Mrs. InjyS 
I noticed in the photos of the protest that there was a banner calling for justice for Samira Ibrahim, the outspoken victim of the virginity tests in 2011.

For the record the MOI and its officers are involved in sexual harassment or rather sexual violence to be precise whether they admit or not. Starting with the sexual abuse that reaches to the level of sodomizing  “aka Emad El-Kebeer case” in 2007 or the use of sexual harassment to attack the women protesters on the staircase in May 2005.
Last month already couple of activists were harassed by the security forces after the storming of the Alexandria’s office of the Center for Economic and social studies.In November 2013 photos of a man wearing a plain cloth arresting a man and holding him from his private part during the famous anti-Military trials for civilian protest at Shura council was another proof that the MOI did not change its techniques of humiliating the people.
From the protest by "Anadolu News agency" 
By the way the MOI official who was supervising the security of today’s protest against sexual harassment was the same official who slapped a protester in the same protest.
Slapping a protester at Shura council protest against military trials for civilians
You can not change facts I am afraid.
By the way here is the best photo taken today by AP's photographer Nabil Amr , it summarizes everything.
From the protest "AP-Nabil Amr"
Here is a photogallery for the protest earlier today by several tweeps.

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