Monday, June 9, 2014

From 40 Days Ago I lost a Friend

Yesterday I found out that from 40 days ago I was shocked to know from twitter that my dear friend Bassem Sabry passed away in a tragic way.
Bassem in Abu Dhabi last year 
40 days and I am trying to something about him in my blog not as a mourning as a something to celebrate to the life who gave a lot in a very short time. 
I was lucky enough to know Bassem Sabry when we were students in Cairo University and I saw that shining like a little star in campus during the students activities. 
I am trying to overcome my feeling that if I write about him it will be like an obituary , a thing that I dislike because I know that Bassem and his ideas are still living with us through his writing. 
I miss him now more than ever. 
Now I decided to remember Bassem and let the world remember him in a new way. Bassem Sabry used to play Spanish Guitar and he recorded some pieces on Soundcloud. He was not only a blogger/writer/young politician. He was really multi-talented.

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  1. I listened to the music…it's very nice. I am sorry for your loss . May he rest in peace.


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